You may have heard that the province is finally investing more in Brampton’s health care system.
If you live in Brampton, you know that our beloved relic Shoppers World has been undergoing a major redevelopment. You may or may not know, however, what’s coming to the space. 
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The proposed minimum wage hike has been greeted by a mix of criticism and support, with one side arguing that it’s time to provide all workers with livable wages and the other suggesting the hike w
There’s no shortage of complaints about driving in Brampton - just ask anyone who drives here.
Recently released census data shows a Canada (and Brampton) that’s shifting, changing and embracing “new normals” as far as living and family situations are concerned.
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After voting not to have the Hurontario LRT extend straight into downtown Brampton, Brampton City Council began deliberating the alternative routes for the LRT.