Raptor’s Games Will Be Shown at Garden Square in Brampton


Ever since the Toronto Raptor’s enjoyed a history-making win against the Milwaukee Bucks on Saturday, May 25, fans from Brampton have been asking one very important question: Will Brampton broadcast upcoming Raptor’s games?

The answer?


Mayor Patrick Brown confirmed that it will be able to show the games at the city’s biggest gathering spot. 

Mayor Brown tweeted that all upcoming Raptor’s games will be shown at the Garden Square right in the downtown core! They have received permission to turn the square into a temporary Jurassic Square! 

So there you have it—you can watch the games with the rest of the city at the Square this spring! 

The Raptors will soon find themselves up against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals, with the next game scheduled to take place on Thursday in Toronto.

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