This Place: This opulent home offers 3,500 square feet of space and some chic upgrades

When it comes to housing and affordability in Brampton and the GTA in general, the news is rarely encouraging and doesn't appear to be getting much better.

We all know that Brampton real estate doesn't come cheap and that affordable homes are, for the most part, few and far between.

Although it's often repeated that Brampton is Canada's ninth largest city, it's easy to dismiss it as something of an overgrown (and overflowing) bedroom community -- especially if you don't live th

It's no secret that Brampton, like its other GTA counterparts, has a hot real-estate market.

This Place: This spacious bungalow is country on the outside and sleek and modern on the inside, a little touch of Muskoka in the city that pairs a rustic facade with a modern inte

This Place: This classic home boasts privacy, an incredible view and luxurious upgrades

Price: $1,499,900

Brampton recently released its 2017-2019 Proposed Business Plan and Budget and it looks like Brampton residents are about to experience a property tax increase to the tune of 2.5 per cent.

While Brampton is a great place to live, life can get expensive (just like it can anywhere in the 905).   

It's no secret that the housing market in Brampton and the GTA is hot and it doesn't look sky high home prices are set to come down in the New Year—nor does it look like the condo market is safe from unprecedented price escalations.