You might be wondering how the housing market is doing these days in Brampton.
While there's certainly no indication that the red hot housing market in the GTA is set to experience a major crash, real estate associations say that December 2018 was a particularly weak month fo
This Place: A gorgeous, beautiful and spacious house located on a premium corner lot in a growing and pristine neighbourhood in Brampton. 
It's no secret that the dream of homeownership is slipping through people's fingers as home prices in Brampton and surrounding cities remain at deeply unaffordable levels into 2019.
Interest rates in Canada have been historically low for several years, but those days are fast approaching its end...and that might affect household mortgages and finances.
As the new year begins, so too does the regular business of the City of Brampton continues.
If you plan on buying a home in Brampton this year, you will be faced with a challenging market with higher price points and lower inventory (at least for now).
If you know where to look, there are some pretty incredible houses in Brampton, aside from the traditional single detached homes and few condominiums and townhouses more commonly found in most neig
The housing market in Brampton has fluctuated quite a bit this year.
Brampton is a growing city with more people moving in in the coming decades, and as such developments are going to be a very common sight, at least in certain parts of the city.