The lack of affordable homes in some of Canada’s biggest cities—Brampton included—has reached crisis levels and all levels of government are working to combat the potentially dangerous affects a
Most residents probably don’t think of dirty money as being a contributor to high (and often unaffordable) housing prices, but a recent report says it’s a distinct problem — not just in the GTA, b
Talks are ongoing regarding a plan to build 20 new executive homes on a currently vacant lot in Brampton.
While housing in Toronto and the GTA has been far from cheap for years, the lack of affordable homes in some of Canada's biggest cities has reached crisis levels and all levels of government are wo
Brampton’s got its fair share of large and extravagant houses, many of which you’ll have seen if you follow inBrampton’s House of the Week.
Housing affordability is a major problem many Canadians are faced with.
In February of 2019, the Canadian housing market saw the largest monthly decline in home sales activity since the stress test was implemented last January. 
Sometimes, having too much of something can be a bit of a conundrum.When it comes to living space, however, everyone has their own unique tastes. Big or small.
Condo living is all the rage, and rightfully so. So it should come as no surprise to anyone in Brampton that new developments are getting pretty common.
Plans for a mixed-use development in the city, originally halted, are now approved to go ahead in Brampton.