After a few months of small but steady month over month decreases in low-rise home prices, the market appears to be showing signs of strengthening.
When house prices climbed to astronomical heights in the winter of 2017 (the time when some open houses attracted over 300 people a day and buyers paid $100,000 or more over-asking for modest and d
Although most Brampton and GTA residents are aware that housing is expensive, fluctuating data can be confusing—especially for prospective buyers who aren't sure if now is a good time to enter a s
This Place: This incredible Castlemore estate boasts a solarium, a spa-style indoor pool, a huge backyard, and enough parking for more than 18 vehicles!
If you're planning to purchase a home in Brampton in 2018, you have yo
Affordable housing is hard to come by in Brampton — not everyone can afford to live here.
It's no secret that Brampton boasts costly real estate, with detached houses hovering around the $1 million mark and condos—the last "affordable" housing options available—running buyers ove
It’s no secret that the middle class is disappearing in Brampton — in fact, Brampton now has more low income neighbourhoods than ever.
How comfortably are you living in Brampton? If you have food in the fridge, a roof over your head, access to transportation, and a stable job, stats show you might be doing better than most.
This Place: This detached corner home boasts an open concept, a double car garage, and a big, fenced backyard!