There’s been quite a bit of talk about what condo boards can and cannot do in the wake of a recent court decision regarding Airbnb.

While we all know the real estate market is on fire, many of us are still surprised to hear about wildly competitive bidding wars and astronomical selling prices.

This Place: This massive 5,000 square foot mansion boasts an elegant interior and fabulous backyard with a hot tub, cabana and pizza oven

The rising cost of living has some GTA millennials moving back into their parents’ basements and others opting out of Toronto and Mississauga for a more affordable city: Brampton.

While Brampton hasn't welcomed a ton of skyscraping office towers and condos to its skyline, it's gradually becoming more urbane and adding more high-rise structures that show that the city i

For many Brampton residents, news about the incredible increase in home prices has not been good.

As house prices continue to climb in Brampton and other Greater Toronto Area cities (not to mention Toronto itself), some residents are deciding to sell their homes and take their substantial profits to cities where their dollars will stretch further.

This Place: This opulent home offers 3,500 square feet of space and some chic upgrades.

When it comes to housing and affordability in Brampton and the GTA in general, the news is rarely encouraging and doesn't appear to be getting much better.

We all know that Brampton real estate doesn't come cheap and that affordable homes are, for the most part, few and far between.