It's been six months since the Canadian real estate market hit a low back in February. However, things are looking up and the market has been recovering. 
A recent inbrampton article revealed that condos may just be the way to go for buyers who are loo
A new report suggests that while housing affordability remains an issue throughout the GTA, condos are the key for buyers looking the enter the market.
If you’re having trouble finding a reasonably-priced home in Brampton, you’re not alone--the housing market continues to challenge prospective buyers who are grappling with limited inventory and hig
It's no news that Brampton residents are finding it harder to buy a house or rent an apartment.
While many people dream of owning a home in Brampton, some are discouraged by complaints about rising property taxes--and people who are already in the market often fret about escalating costs beyon
Homeownership used to be considered something of an inevitably for middle-class residents, even those who were working entry-level jobs right out of trade school, college or university. 
Can you survive on minimum wage in Brampton?The short answer is no. 
A new slew of townhouses is coming to Brampton! However, these homes are expected to be a lot different than the average townhouse.
The Brampton real estate market is currently being defined by its ever-climbing prices.In Brampton, a total of 932 homes sold in June, a 20.8 per cent year-over-year improvement.