This Place: Located in the very sought after Credit Valley, this gorgeous home has five bedrooms (including one in the basement), five bathrooms, an updated kitchen, a family room
Another commercial property is coming to Brampton.
While Brampton has long been an expensive city for residents, the urgency of the growing affordability crisis has captured the attention of all levels of government.
Finding affordable housing in Brampton can be challenging. Now a new partnership hopes to help Canadians find a home that they can afford.
Renting a home in Brampton is already hard enough. Now recently discovered forum posts have revealed that some landlords want to make it even harder.
This Place: With approximately 2 acres of land, this home features a six-car garage, a walk-out basement, a gourmet kitchen, a deck, a massive family room, seven bedrooms, nine bat
It's been six months since the Canadian real estate market hit a low back in February. However, things are looking up and the market has been recovering. 
A recent inbrampton article revealed that condos may just be the way to go for buyers who are loo
A new report suggests that while housing affordability remains an issue throughout the GTA, condos are the key for buyers looking the enter the market.
If you’re having trouble finding a reasonably-priced home in Brampton, you’re not alone--the housing market continues to challenge prospective buyers who are grappling with limited inventory and hig