The housing market in Brampton has fluctuated quite a bit this year.
Brampton is a growing city with more people moving in in the coming decades, and as such developments are going to be a very common sight, at least in certain parts of the city.
For many people, homeownership is a dream—and it's a dream that's slipping further and further out of reach in a city (and province) where detached homes cost up to or well over $1 million and bas
This Place: A marvellous 4 bedroom home situated on a huge 75' x 140' lot.Price: $1,145,000
The quantity of housing is becoming an increasingly important issue in the years ahead, what with real estate prices in the state they're in and the lack of affordable housing in the Greater Toront
It looks like a prominent plan to revitalize Brampton's downtown has been put on hold for the time being.
Several months ago reported on a new swath of affordable housing coming to Brampton.
There's no doubt that the real estate market in the GTA is volatile, but that doesn't mean there aren't any houses or apartments not within your price range.
If you're hoping to purchase a home in Brampton, you might want to brace yourself or wait out the holiday season, as the market isn't in the buyer's favour right this moment.
Although it still technically is fall, it definitely already feels like winter in Canada.