Rent deferral extended for City tenants in Brampton


The City of Brampton has announced it will be extending the rent relief program for non-profit and small for-profit tenants within City-owned buildings for three additional months. 

Due to the fact the State of Emergency has been extended through early July, many City facilities will remain closed, which the City has acknowledged puts City facility tenants in a difficult position. 

As a result, the City will be deferring rent payments for its not-for-profit and small for-profit tenants, and waiving payments for its non-profit tenants who are unable to access new Federal programs—this extension will benefit more than half of the City’s 81 tenants. 

"Supporting our small business and non-profit community organizations is crucial during this difficult economic time. While City Hall and City facilities are closed until further notice, the City has moved our payments to vendors from 30 days to 14 days,” Mayor Patrick Brown said in a news release. 

Today (June 25), we are taking the additional measure of direct rent relief to the City's small profit and non-profit tenants so that we can support these groups and small businesses that are an important part of Brampton's community fabric,” he continued. 

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