Residents urged to respect COVID-19 Emergency Response By-Laws despite warming weather


The City of Brampton is encouraging residents to refrain from violating social distancing by-laws as warmer weather approaches. 

The City is reminding residents those caught violating the Brampton COVID-19 Emergency Measures By-Law will be fined—the minimum fine residents can expect is $500, while the maximum is $100,000, depending on the violation. 

Additionally, the City would like to remind residents that, while warmer weather may inspire spring cleaning, garage sales are still prohibited. 

Those who violate the City’s ban on garage sales could be met with a fine. 

Further, as of April 20, waste removal services will be collecting an additional two bags per household on collection days. 

As well, the City is urging residents refrain from donating items to Diabetes Canada bins or other charitable organization drop-off bins that are overflowing throughout Peel, as they will not be collected. Suspended collection also applies to Peel's Community Recycling Centres.

Moreover, the City is reminding residents that, while warm weather is approaching, City parks are still closed, as are the following City property: 

  • playgrounds and other structures in parks; 
  • leash-free dog parks; 
  • picnic shelters; 
  • outdoor sports facilities and outdoor fitness equipment, including sports fields, basketball and tennis courts; 
  • recreation centres and surrounding lands; 
  • parking lots.

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