Several Brampton Schools Have Earned a Prestigious Distinction


Good news Brampton students (and parents of Brampton students), a few of the city’s elementary schools recently netted good grades on the Fraser Institute’s Report Card.

Some top scorers in Brampton include the Guru Tegh Bahadur and the Khalsa Community School. 

Both schools received perfect scores, keeping good company with other top-ranked schools on the list of over 3,000 academic institutions.

Other top scoring schools included Avondale Alternative elementary school in Toronto, Alexandra Public School in Lindsay, Ontario and the Islamic School of Hamilton in Hamilton.

Other highly rated schools include Wali ul Asr (37 out of 3,064) and Al-Ameen (59 out of 3,064).

The Fraser Institute ranks schools using publicly-available data such as average scores on province-wide tests.

Parents wondering why their child's school is not included should note that not all schools are included in the rankings.

The Institute says schools will be excluded if they do not receive enough data from the provincial ministry of education to fairly rate the school.

"For example, elementary schools in Ontario that do not enroll grade 6 students will not be included in the rankings," The Fraser Institute writes on its official website. "The reason for this is that we must have student results data from province-wide testing that is conducted in grade 3 and grade 6. So, if a school is excluded that doesn’t mean it is an ineffective school or that the school did something wrong. It just means that we don’t have enough student results data to fairly rate the school."

All in all, Mississauga’s impressive amount of high ranking schools is encouraging.

Enjoy this good news going into the holiday season and to all of those who students who worked hard to boost their school’s profile--congratulations!

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