Should Brampton Have More Basketball Courts?


Brampton residents now have the chance to share their opinions about audit and repair work of existing Brampton basketball courts as well as potential locations for new courts.

Mayor Patrick Brown recently took to Twitter to ask residents where the city should repair or add new basketball courts. Residents can share their thoughts by emailing the mayor directly at mayorbrown [at] brampton [dot] ca.

According to Brampton’s Parks and Recreation Master Plan, the city currently has 24 multi-use sports courts across 22 park locations. The majority of these courts support basketball although other activities such as ball hockey can be played on them. However, this does not include outdoor courts located at schools, which can also be used by Brampton residents.

The city is trying to add basketball courts within a 500 to 800-metre radius of major residential areas so that all Brampton children and teens can access a court within a 10 to 15-minute walk. 

The city is currently looking at adding a new court in North West Brampton specifically in The Gore and Bram West area. According to the city, this area has a limited supply of basketball courts and will not be able to accommodate residential growth by 2031. 

They are also looking at a new court in the Brampton Central area, possibly at Madoc Park or an existing park located south of Williams Parkway. The city states that the area has a significantly lower number of basketball courts compared to other areas.

 Each basketball court will be designed in a ‘sport-friendly’ manner with appropriate backboard/hoop systems, line markings, surfacing, fencing, seating areas, etc. Most parks will be located within community and city parks.

According to city council, Brampton is one of the country’s top producers of basketball talent and is proud of their local basketball players’ success. New multi-use sport courts aim to further support Brampton’s youth.

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