SIU terminates investigation involving man bitten by police canine


Joseph Martino, the Director of the Special Investigations Unit, has terminated an investigation into a November 2019 interaction between a 31-year-old man and Peel Regional Police officers that occurred in Brampton.

On November 27, 2019, at approximately 4:15 p.m., Peel Regional Police officers attempted to stop a vehicle in the area of Bramalea Road and Clark Road.

During the driver's arrest, he was bitten by a police canine and was taken to hospital for treatment. 

SIU investigators reached out to the man on repeated occasions to enlist his cooperation, directly and via his counsel, but the SIU is yet to hear back.  

"In the absence of a statement from the man, I am satisfied that there is an insufficient foundation at this time from which to proceed with an investigation,” said Director Martino.

Indeed, the SIU cannot even be sure of its jurisdiction given its inability, without the man's consent, to access his medical records. In the circumstances, the investigation is hereby discontinued, and the file is closed. Every consideration will be given to re-opening the investigation should the man and/or his counsel come forward in the future," he concluded.

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