Some Interesting Weather Heading to Brampton This Weekend


Get ready for a peculiar juxtaposition of weather coming to Brampton this weekend.

Environment Canada is reporting that after a period of rain, the weekend going in through to next Monday, November 5 will see a period of sunny weather.Going into Friday, there will be a high of 5 degrees with a 60 per cent chance of rain. But the day after on Saturday, November 3 there will be a 40 per cent chance ofrrain, along with some sunny periods.

It is into Sunday then Monday when the weather will see a high between 10 to 11 degrees, with a mix of sun and cloud.

By next Tuesday, it will be back to rainy weather again with a high of 11.

So while it looks a bit gray throughout the rest of the week, looks like there's a few days of sunshine to look forward to ahead.

Graphic courtesy of Environment Canada

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