Some Residents Getting Cheaper Bus Fare in Brampton Soon


It looks like some residents are about to save on transit fare soon!

Brampton’s youngest transit riders will soon pay less for transit.

Or, at least, their parents and guardians will.

A round of service improvements is set to hit Brampton Transit starting in September 2018, and fares are getting slashed for anyone between the ages of six and 12.

Here’s how PRESTO fare for children between the ages of six and 12 will be reduced on September 3:

Currently, it costs $2.50 per trip using a PRESTO card for anyone aged six to 12 to take Brampton Transit. As of September, that price will decrease by $0.50.

The price of a weekly or monthly pass will also decrease substantially for children.

This is part of a ton of service improvements coming to Brampton Transit in September, including the 505 Zum Bovaird Airport Road extension to Malton GO Station, new routes like the 27 Robert Parkinson route east of Mount Pleasant Village, the 54 County Court route from Brampton Gateway Terminal, and the 56 King Knoll route from Brampton Gateway Terminal, and frequency upgrades to several routes.

More info is available here.

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