Some Troubling Numbers About Voting in Brampton


Brampton’s municipal election is happening on October 22, 2018, and with that in mind, its interesting to take a look at some past voter turnouts.

The last election was in 2014, and one age group in particular had a concerningly low voter turnout.

If you were aged 18-29 in 2014, you were part of the lowest voter turnout in an age group that year.

Bramptonians may be troubled to hear just how many youth voted in the last election.

In 2014, only 21 per cent of youth aged 18-29 voted in the municipal election.

Here’s a look at other age groups’ voter turnouts in comparison.

The highest voter turnout was amongst those aged 70-79, according to the City of Brampton.

Those voters had a turnout rate of 60 per cent - a nearly 40 per cent gap between those voters and Brampton’s youngest voters.

This number could be troublesome for Brampton.

Crucial city services like Brampton Transit, parks and recreation, Brampton Library, and road maintenance are heavily influenced by those elected to City Council and the Mayor of Brampton, who are being elected in 2018.

In a city where youth access those services, it might be true that more youth need to step up and vote to have their voices heard on many of these services and issues.

According to the City, in 2017 alone, youth aged 18-29 took Brampton Transit 3.4 million times.

We know that youth use these municipal services in their city frequently,” reads the City’s website.

Voting is a privilege and a responsibility. It counts.”

How many youth will vote this election, of course, remains to be seen.

For anyone wondering how to vote, click here.

Are you going to vote this year?

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