Something New Has Arrived at Brampton Gateway Terminal


It’s no secret that Brampton is in a constant state of growth, and new things are always cropping up around the city, from new developments to new pieces of public art and beyond.

Now, a massive mural has been unveiled at Brampton Gateway Terminal, Brampton Transit’s terminal at Shoppers World.

It’s a 16-foot long piece that aims to revitalize the space, according to the City of Brampton.

The idea actually came from Brampton Transit employees to try and beautify the space.

The idea to showcase Brampton Transit in the community through art came from our employees and we’re happy to have partnered with Sheridan College in helping us translate the idea into a work of art - a great way to beautify our workspace and add a new element to our terminal,” said Vince Rodo, Director, Brampton Transit, in a recent statement.

The City commissioned some of the school’s Honours Bachelor of Illustration students to create a mural that represents Brampton Transit and its role in the community.

The statement reads that four students created the final artwork: Alanna Campbell, Erina Chida, Isabella Fassler and Miri Molev.
Sheridan Illustration faculty Ted Zourntos and Julia Breckenreid led the whole project, along with the support of Elijah Williams, Manager, Centre for Indigenous Learning and Support, who guided the students in the identification of appropriate indigenous symbols to include in the mural.

The design is called “The Circle”.

Here’s a breakdown of the elements of the mural, courtesy of the City of Brampton:
According to the students, the elements within the mural represent the following:

  • The Circle: perpetual motion, the centre (hub), totality and wholeness, rhythm of nature (sustainability); the number 0 (a circle) represents “potential” in numerology
  • Gears: engineering, technology and skilled trades programs at the Davis campus
  • Hands: diversity working together
  • Window: architecture, history
  • Flowers: The “Flower City”
  • Paper Airplanes: sustainable transportation
  • Figures: community
  • Sneakers: youth and potential
  • Strawberry: rejuvenation and new beginnings
  • Arrow Cluster: if all nations are joined they cannot be broken
  • Three Flame Symbol: recognition of the Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation

The City has actually posted a cool time-lapse video of the mural’s creation.

Check it out:

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