Something New Has Arrived at Cassie Campbell Community Centre


If you frequent Cassie Campbell Community Centre - or if you just drive by it often enough - there’s something new that’s now up and running at the massive recreation centre that you might not notice at first.

From new businesses, to the arts and culture scene, to public transit, it’s no secret that Brampton is a booming city that’s quickly transforming into an urban centre.

And one major aspect to most urban centres is their environmental friendliness.

Now, while Brampton Transit is piloting some electric buses and more electric car charging stations are popping up across the city, one more initiative for environmental friendliness has come to Brampton via Cassie Campbell Community Centre.

The state-of-the-art, 165,000 square foot community centre has just welcomed a collection of solar panels as a renewable energy source.

So, Cassie Campbell is now home to more than just fitness amenities and meeting rooms.

According to the City of Brampton, the new panels are up and running as of Friday September 7, 2018.

These solar panels are set to generate some 2,160,000 kWh of electricity per year.

That’s equivalent to supplying electricity to 265 homes in Brampton, says the City.

It’s true that Cassie Campbell is a star building in Brampton.

The building has already received several awards of excellence, including the 2008 Project Achievement Award - Medium Project Category - Toronto Construction Association, and the Best Overall Public Building - Brampton Urban Design Awards.

Cassie Campbell is also home to Brampton’s first community gymnasium, community meeting rooms, an indoor running track and fitness centre, two ice rinks, a massive pool, and several outdoor amenities.

What do you think of the new solar panels at Cassie Campbell?

Cover photo courtesy of Google Maps

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