Something New Has Arrived at Claireville Conservation Area


Ah, the great outdoors.

Here in Brampton, we have a ton of beautiful outdoor spaces, from parks, to trails, to conservation areas, and more. And it’s always exciting to hear about new developments happening when it comes to parks and recreation.

Now, Claireville Conservation Area has welcomed something new.

Or, 150 somethings.

The vast conservation area located along Highway 50 in the southeast corner of Brampton has just gotten 150 new native trees and shrubs.

Students from Georges Vanier Elementary School planted them on Wednesday September 26, in celebration of National Tree Day.

The 848-acre space is an entirely natural and forested area, known for the preservation of local wildlife and natural landscape.

It’s also a popular destination for local bird-watchers, walkers and bikers.

As a place with a plethora of trees and shrubs, you can learn more about the new plants via Claireville Conservation Area’s TreeCaching Trail.

The trail is essentially a self-guided tour of the landscape using your smartphone, wher eyou can learn more about the tree species you encounter.

For more details on the area, click here.

What do you think of Claireville Conservation getting 150 new trees and shrubs?

Cover photo courtesy of TRCA

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