Sophie Grégoire Trudeau tests positive for COVID-19


Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the wife of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has tested positive for the coronavirus.

Upon the advice of doctors, Gregoire Trudeau will remain in isolation--she is currently taking all recommended precautions, and her symptoms are mild.

Health officials will reach out to those who have been in contact with Gregoire Trudeau as they deem necessary.

Meanwhile, Trudeau will also remain in isolation for the next 14 days, although he presently does not have any symptoms.

Due to the fact he is asymptomatic, Trudeau will not be tested for the virus at this time.

Despite the fact he will remain in isolation, the Prime Minister will continue to perform his duties; and he will address the country tomorrow.

Additionally, tomorrow, Trudeau will meet with National Indigenous Organizations, and provincial and territorial premiers regarding the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, as well as limiting its impact on the economy.

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