Stormwater charges on this month's water bills now in effect for Brampton residents


This month, homeowners and businesses in Brampton can expect to see an increase on their water bills due to the City's investment in its stormwater management system.

According to the City's website, Brampton needs to invest in a stormwater management system to ensure they can "maintain services for now and the future."

Effective June 1, 2020, the Brampton Stormwater Charge will appear on Region of Peel water bills, a fee approved last year by Brampton council.

The majority of residents and businesses will be receiving their first bills this month (August).

According to the City's website, there are some technical exemptions to the charges.

"Where a property does not use any part of the stormwater drainage system (which includes drains, ditches, channels, creeks, streams and rivers), that property owner can apply for a technical exemption from stormwater charges. Supporting information to demonstrate the property is technically exempt will be required."

The charges for single-family residential properties will be the following:

Extra small: $44.50

Small: $62.30

Medium: $89.00

Large: $115.70

Extra large: $160.20

The charges for multi-family residential and non-residential property owners will be $89.00 for every 234 metres square of hard surfaces.

In order to get a technical exemption, the owner of the eligible property must complete an application form and submit supporting documents online.

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