There's a Pizza Vending Machine at a Major Mall in Brampton


There’s no such thing as a bad pizza (or even a bad pizza-inspired dish), and when that pizza is also incredibly affordable, things get even better.

Residents who frequent Bramalea City Centre in Brampton should note that unique Canadian pizza company PizzaForno, which created an automated oven (or vending machine, if you will) that serves artisan pizzas made from fresh ingredients, is offering a limited-time pizza for Valentine’s Day.

Seriously—did you know that you could get vending machine pizza in Brampton (and that the pizza is made in three minutes or less)?

BCC announced that the machine was up and running on March 25.

As how the company’s regular offerings work, diners can choose from four different selections on an interactive screen: Chevre-miel, BBQ chicken, pepperoni, and four cheese, with additional options rolling out in 2019.

According to PizzaForno, the 12-inch pizzas are never frozen and are made by hand, and feature Romana crust, natural and locally sourced ingredients and cream and tomato sauces.

Prices range from $11 to $14 each (HST included).

Once customers order from the 32-inch interactive screen, a robotic arm takes their selection from the refrigerated section, conveys it to a patented oven where it is baked, placed in a box and delivered.

The company currently operates one vending machine in Mississauga and two in Toronto. It plans to place more machines in Vaughan and Toronto this year.

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