These Are The Cheapest Places to Rent in Brampton Right Now


When one can't afford to buy, one must rent.

That's the most likely situation for many people in Brampton and beyond. The current housing market is such that affordability is next to impossible.

However, renting may be the next best thing for you (and your budget). And according to the real estate site Zoocasa, these are some of the cheapest places to rent in Brampton right now.

23 Bushcroft Trail (Basement)Neighbourhood: Fletcher's Meadow

Type: 2 storey detached

Rent: $850

19 Wooliston Crescent (Basement)Neighbourhood: Fletcher's West

Type: 2 storey townhouse

Rent: $950

18 Hayden Court (Basement)

Neighbourhood: Central Park

Type: lower level basement apartment

Rent: $1,000

17 Rosebud Avenue (Basement)Neighbourhood: Brampton West

Type: 2 storey detached

Rent: $1,100

19 Ferncastle Crescent (Basement)Neighbourhood: Fletcher's Meadow

Type: lower level basement apartment

Rent: $1,150

So it looks like when it comes to available housing, Brampton does have options for those looking and willing to rent.

Will you be staking out some of these rentals anytime soon?

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