These Bridges are Getting Major Upgrades in Brampton


Whether you’re a pedestrian or a driver in Brampton, you’ll likely have encountered some bridge construction.

Four of Brampton’s bridges recently got some upgrades from August through December 2018.

Council documents from late April detail what’s happening with the bridges, including rehabilitation and superstructure replacement.

Which ones?

  • Main Street North Bridge over Etobicoke Creek - two traffic lanes (one lane in each direction) and sidewalk on one side open to public at all time
  • Manitou Park North pedestrian bridge -
  • Clark Park Trail pedestrian bridge over Spring Creek Tributary
  • Maitland Park South pedestrian bridge over Spring Creek Tributary - northwest of Williams Parkway and Mackay Street S (Close to the trail)

Courtesy of Council report April 25, 2018“The other three pedestrian bridges are closed for vehicular traffic. With some temporary structural reinforcement to the truss and floor systems, these bridges are currently being used for pedestrians only.”As for the pedestrian bridges, they’ll be in good working condition for 25-30 years post-construction. The Main Street North bridge’s life will be extended by some 45 years.The total cost of the work is just over $5 million.Construction has started on the bridges for the most part, so you’ll want to keep your eye out for signage in the area.You might be wondering when the upgrades will be completed.The three pedestrian bridges were slated for completion by December 2018.The Main Street North Bridge may take until the summer of 2019 for waterproofing and final paving.What do you think of these bridges getting upgrades?

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