These Two Restaurants Are Co-Opening Together In Brampton


A well-known fact is that Brampton has no shortage of Indian and Mexican-themed restaurants.

These two restaurants, however, are now expanding their business to a new location in the city. 

 Hurry Curry Eats and Tacorrito have announced plans to launch a brand new, dual-concept space, which will offer both Indian and Mexican-themed menus for your palate. 

In addition to the eight previous locations, Hurry Curry Eats boasts a flavourful, Indian-based menu, with items ranging from the staple samosas and naan to various curry bowls and vegetarian and meat Thali.  

The restaurant also offers a la carte, with dishes such as butter chicken and masala lamb readily available. 

On the other hand, Tacorrito offers a sleek menu of Mexican-based dishes, with something available for everyone. Burritos, quesadillas, and the signature tacorrito bowl are on the menu. 

Customers are asked to choose their initial dish, then choose a meat or vegetarian filling, then finish off with a topping such as cilantro rice, pinto beans or sauteed vegetables.

Dessert options such as churros and chocolate quesadillas also at the ready.  

The planned location will soon open at 1200 Steeles Avenue. 

Are you excited to taste the best of both worlds with this announcement, Brampton?

Cover image courtesy of Hurry Curry’s Facebook page.

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