This Asian Fusion Restaurant Will Be Introducing New Services


Modern, ethnic cuisine can come in all sorts of variations. Take Asian fusion for example.

One restaurant of that nature has been successful in its initial endeavours, and is now planning to expand its culinary creations.

9 Queen, known for its Asian menu staples such as noodles and dumplings, while also featuring popular items such as bubble tea, will be soft launching a dining room service.

This will be a chance for customers and enthusiasts of the cuisine to sample and indulge in 9 Queen’s newest creative features.

9 Queen initially featured dishes in tlunch features, takeout, and delivery options.

Guests will be allowed to try out these new services when the dining room soft launches on March 29, until March 31.

In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to check out their Uber Eats menu during the interim, and also pay attention to their social media, to see what else they have planned for downtown Brampton.

Will you be attending the launch of this unique restaurant, Brampton?

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