This Popular Brampton Bakery Just Introduced A Unique Dessert


Macaronz, which is located on Queen Street in downtown Brampton, is Brampton's only boutique French macaron shop. The shop, which also serves high tea, has some of the best macarons in good ol' B-town. They have a wide variety of flavours, including chocolate caramel, cookies and cream, pistachio, mocha, salted caramel, chocolate mint, ube, cereal crunch, and many, many more! And, now they are serving up something better!

Macaronz just introduced macaron ice cream sandwiches, which they will begin selling on August 10.

The ice cream sandwiches are approximately three inches in diameter with one inch of ice cream. 

Macaronz will offer eight different flavours for now. The flavours include Vanilla, Birthday Cake, Cereal Crunch, Chocolate Chip, Butterscotch Chip, Lemon, Cookies and Cream, and Nutella and Vanilla. They will introduce more flavours later on.

The ice cream sandwiches will be available all year long and sell for $6.95 each. 

The joint also boasts macaron cupcakes, mini macaron cupcakes, macaron cookie dough, macaron towers, and even macaron pops. 

Will you be trying their new macaron ice cream sandwiches soon? 

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