This Popular Downtown Brampton Restaurant is Closing


Last year, we wrote that the City of Brampton had purchased a piece of downtown property at 21 Nelson Street West. Currently, the site houses tax preparation and filing company H&R Block, petit resto Mocha Cafe, career centre Skills for Change, and Golden Stool Restaurant and Lounge.

A budget amendment has been approved for “a new capital project be established in the amount of $6,400,000 (plus land transfer taxes, ancillary costs and taxes, if applicable)” according to City Council.

The purchase was in relation to downtown redevelopment and the potential coming of Ryerson University, which is currently in doubt.

Nevertheless, Golden Stool recently confirmed that their last day will be on Sunday, December 23.

But don’t think that Golden Stool is just going to up and leave the city.

We’ve once been in process of finding new suitable location and will announce when in near future. As a result we have decided to use this time to rebrand and make our unique restaurant an even better experience for our reopening. Please stay tuned for the announcement of our next location most likely late winter/spring re-opening,” the post continued.

The Golden Stool is an Afro-fusion Restaurant Lounge which delivers a blend of contemporary West African, Caribbean, and International cuisine by Chef Kwame.

Hopefully, they can successfully find an alternative location in Brampton.

Cover photo courtesy of Golden Stool’s Facebook page.

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