Tim Hortons Introduces Exciting Summer Drinks Available For A Limited Time Only


Summer is in full swing with the temperatures finally reaching the high 20’s. 

Tim Hortons recently added two slushies to their lineup, cherry and blue raspberry. And, now they are introducing three more slushies. 

The new Jolly Rancher slushy is on sale, but for a limited time only.

According to the company, the slushies are sweet, tangy and full of bold fruit flavour. The ice-cold slushy is also filled with green apple, blue raspberry, and cherry Jolly Rancher pieces!

They cost $2.99 for a medium, while their other slushies are $2.19 for a medium. 

Many people have tweeted about their experience trying the new Jolly Rancher slushy.

While, many people enjoyed the new slushy:

Will you be trying Tim Hortons’ Jolly Rancher slushy soon? 

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