Tips for maintaining a successful small business in Brampton


According to Shred-it's 2019 Data Protection Report, it revealed that the number of small businesses reporting a breach doubled last year and that over a quarter of Canadians, or 27%, say they would go elsewhere if a company reached its data breach.

Here are some tips from Preet Saini, Shred-it Sales Manager and a data security expert, for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs in Brampton in honour of small business month.

Saini explains that small businesses are more susceptible to data breaches, resulting in a loss of customer loyalty and trust, so it’s important to eliminate security risks and protect information. 

"Human errors are a prominent source of information security risks. Social engineering and phishing can trick employees into helping criminals initiate an attack," said Saini.

He recommends that small businesses train their employees to recognize phishing e-mails and implement a strict protocol when it comes to reporting those e-mails and threats.

"The best security technology such as firewalls and password protection will fail if employees do not know how to identify and avoid security threats. When training other employees, it must be both theoretical and practical in order to be the most effective," he said.

Another way to ensure all information is protected is by scanning desks and accessible workspaces for important information before leaving the area.

"If an employee has to leave to attend a meeting or take a break, do a quick check first to see if there is sensitive information on the desk - and secure it. Always leave a clean, clear desk at the end of the day," he said.

Saini explains that as a small business owner, it's important to show employees how seriously you take keeping paper documents, computers and other files secure.

"While small businesses are more susceptible to data breaches than larger organizations, being knowledgeable about the risks and prepared to manage the threats is the best way for a small business to stay successful," he said.

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