Top 5 Brampton Neighbourhoods to Invest In


It's no secret that Brampton, like its other GTA counterparts, has a hot real-estate market. With low interest rates on mortgages persisting into 2017 and slim pickings in terms of housing inventory, it's a seller's market in the 416 and 905 and Brampton is no exception.

So while this might be stressful if you're considering making a purchase, it shouldn't deter you from entering the market if you're able to do so. After all, the momentum isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

If you're looking to buy in 2017, here are some neighbourhoods worth investing—and living—in, in no particular order.5) Credit Valley (Queen and Chinguacousy and Creditview) and Vales of Castlemore (North Castlemore Rd)

These areas have higher priced detached homes, good schools and many newer/upgraded houses. While these places are great, they might be more attractive to higher income families looking for larger four bedroom homes. At this point, there aren't really any townhouses available, so these spots might not be ideal for young families or first-time buyers.

4) Brampton East (Castlemore Rd to Hwy 50)

Much like the two neighbourhoods listed above, this is a great place to invest in if you have a little more money to spend and are looking for a larger home. Again, this neighbourhood might not be ideal for first-time buyers or those with more modest budgets, as sizeable homes tend to cost a lot more and detached home prices are being driven upward by lack of inventory.

3) Fletcher’s Meadow (Creditview & Bovaird & McLaughlin)

According to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB), this area is very active and boasts some of the best secondary schools in all of Brampton. There are newer detached and townhouse communities as well as spacious semis. It's close to transportation routes like Dixie and Bovaird and offers a lot in the way of shopping and restaurants. It's a family friendly area that's good for younger families and first time buyers, as well as higher income families.

2) Sandringham-Wellington

TREB also identified this area is very active, meaning there's a lot of sales activity. It is very multicultural and diverse and attractive to young families. It's also appealing for transit commuters on major routes and it's just outside of Heart Lake Conservation area and near parks and trails. The area offers a variety of home styles, including semis and detached homes. The homes are not as new overall, but there are newer Daniel's communities that are attractive to investors and first time buyers. This neighbourhood also boasts proximity to shopping and restos.

1) Brampton West (Steeles and Mississauga Road)

If you're looking for a new home, this neighbourhood might be worth considering. It boasts some of the newest detached home developments (meaning price points are a bit higher), but if you're in the market for a family home that (ideally, at least) won't need much TLC upon move-in, this spot might be ideal. It's close to the 407 and is similar to the Credit Valley neighbourhood that it borders, so it's an option if you like that area and can't find the right home there.

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