Top 5 Bubble Tea Joints in Brampton


Bubble tea is a tea-based, cold, sweet drink where tea, fruit, and milk all come together in one delicious cup. Toss in some "bubbles" - tapioca pearls - or fruit jelly, and your bubble tea is complete! Whether or not you can walk into a bubble tea shop and flawlessly order a taro milk tea with pearls, bubble tea is definitely worth your while. And - you can get it right here, in Brampton.

When it comes to bubble tea in Brampton, there are quite a few places where you can get your fix, and many of them are top-notch. But for the best tasting bubble tea in Brampton, a few select places make the cut. We took into account the overall flavour and quality, service, selection, and atmosphere at the bubble tea joints in Brampton and concocted this list of the best of the best.

Keep in mind that bubble tea is a science, people! In terms of taste, the tapioca has to be soaked properly, sweetness and temperature have to be on point, and there's got to be some great flavours on the menu.

Here are the top five bubble tea joints in Brampton.

5) Real Fruit

There are two Real Fruit locations in Brampton - one at Shoppers World and one at Bramalea City Centre. Either of them make a mean bubble tea alongside their menu of smoothies, sherbet, and slush. They offer signature milk-based teas like taro, mango and coconut, and fresh green tea-based drinks like passionfruit, lychee, and pomegranate. As for toppings, you can toss in some classic pearls, grass jelly, or mango, green apple, or lychee jelly. Their bubble tea tastes fresh and the atmosphere is pretty chill, you can grab a tea and hang out in their fairly medium-sized seating area. Just beware - the lines for this place are often massive! Pictured: lychee green tea.

4) Trish Juice

Did you know that this relatively new juice joint in Brampton also serves bubble tea? Trish Juice in downtown Brampton might have limited options in comparison to other bubble tea places, but they have very unique flavours, and their tea is done right! At Trish, you can get experimental with your bubble tea - try a rose bubble tea, a cardamom bubble tea, or even a lemon/ginger/honey bubble tea - or keep it classic with peach or strawberry. It tastes fresh, the service is kind and helpful, and you'll probably want to come back and try their other flavours. Pictured: peach milk tea.

3) Prestotea

Prestotea is a hidden gem at Bramalea City Centre! Pro tip: it's right beside Metro and it's part of Yogen Fruz, so you can grab a fro-yo with your bubble tea, if that's how you roll. This "tea specialist" boasts some absolutely delicious and classic bubble tea concoctions, and at this location, their top 10 best sellers are listed on their menu with photos, so your decision on what to get will be easier. Here's the kicker: they only use tea leaves from Taiwan. Prestotea might not have a cafe-style seating area in Brampton, but the taste makes up for that. Definitely try their bestseller, the panda milk tea with tapioca and white pearls…and then move on to the hokkaido milk tea, and if you're feeling experimental, go for the honey and aloe vera. Pictured: panda milk tea.

2) Kin-Kin Bakery and Bubble Tea

I have been raving about Kin-Kin ever since I discovered everything it has to offer just a few months ago. It's buns, pastries, and bubble tea galore at Kin-Kin Bakery and Bubble Tea! You can get their milk tea cold or hot in a variety of classic flavours - taro, original, and coconut to name a few - or you can try something different and go for the pina colada or watermelon milk tea. They also have bubble green tea, with flavours like blueberry, kiwi and passionfruit. All of their bubble tea comes with free tapioca, or it's 50 cents for popping boba - basically, bubbles that pop in your mouth. Every single one of their bubble teas is a hit on flavour, especially their milk teas, there's a bit of a seating area, and you can grab a bun or six before you leave. Pictured: taro milk tea.

1) Bean & Pearl

This brand spankin' new bubble tea place just opened in August and has topped our list! Bean & Pearl is in a plaza at Creditview and Sandalwood, and they're so new, they don't even have a sign on their storefront, so it's a little hard to realize this place exists if you haven't heard of it on our site or seen them all over social media. This family-run bubble tea joint goes all out with their bubble tea. You can get classics like jasmine green tea, honeydew, hokkaido, taro, and mango, or try their featured flavours like cookies and cream, cheesecake, or red bean, and you can choose how sweet you want your drink and how cold you want it. You can even choose from a bunch of toppings, including tapioca, cheese milk foam, and panna cotta. They have a darling seating area that's good for catching up with friends or perhaps getting some work done (though it's a little loud there), and the service is extremely kind to boot. Their bubble tea is straight up delicious! And, you can get a great pic for the 'gram. Pictured: cookies and cream.

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