Top 5 Fried Chicken in Brampton


Fried chicken: what's there not to love about it? It's chicken that's been seasoned and deep fried to crispy and golden perfection. Is your mouthwatering yet? If you're looking for a delicious fix outside of the chains, look no further than B-town!

Here are five Brampton spots sure to give into this guilty pleasure:

5) Paradise Chicken

At first, I wasn't too sure about Paradise Chicken because it looks like just another fast food joint, but I was quickly proven wrong. Located at Kennedy north of Queen, this place is all about its chicken dishes, so it's safe to say they know what they're doing. For me, fried chicken is all about that crispy exterior and Paradise Chicken offered up exactly what I was looking for in that category. It's almost as if their chicken is taken to a whole new level of crispy, which is super satisfying. Try not to get too lost in the crispiness, because underneath there is in fact some chicken that is worth biting into as well!

4) Xaymaca

Located at Kennedy on the south side of Queen, you'll find another great spot for fried chicken in Xaymaca. Aside from one other restaurant on this list, this Jamaican spot is the only place for fried chicken that offers a dine-in experience. And with its inviting and comfy interior, you will definitely want to stick around to enjoy your chicken (which will surpass your expectations). Even with the obvious deep frying of the chicken here, it's hard to taste any trace of oil. Accompanied by rice and peas and your choice of a side salad, the fried chicken can be enjoyed in moderation rather than excess. Along with a side of their mouthwatering gravy, Xaymaca's fried chicken will surely hit the spot.

3) J.Red &Co

Fried chicken and waffles? Say no more. If you're looking for this type of elevation in your fried chicken, J.Red &Co is the place to check out. Located at Main and Vodden, J.Red &Co is quickly making a name for itself in the Brampton food scene for many reasons, including its chicken and waffles. As soon as I ordered the dish, my server warned me that there would be some spice—but it hit me harder than I was expecting and I did not mind at all! The spicy kick of the breading alongside the crispiness was a perfect match of texture and flavor that made the experience well worth it. Accompanied by waffles with an array of infused herbs including rosemary, this is one variation on fried chicken that will surely have you hooked.

2) Baker's Jerk House

Baker's Jerk quickly left an exceptional impression on me when it comes to their fried chicken. Located at Sunnyvale Gate and Bovaird, the chicken at this little spot will hit your flavor palate with a taste of homemade cooking that can be hard to compete with. I also have to commend Baker's Jerk House for coming through on a fried chicken recipe that has the perfect amount of salt and oil and felt far from being over-saturated. When it came to the actual chicken, it was perfectly moist and flavorful. You can get your fried chicken with a side of rice and peas and I highly recommend getting the oxtail gravy to go along with it.

1) The Chicken Shop at Maple Lodge Farms

This is the kind of fried chicken that satisfies all cheat meal cravings. Located just north of Steeles on Winston Churchill, the Chicken Shop at Maple Lodge farms truly feels like a hidden gem for fried chicken in Brampton. Something I couldn't overlook was the delicate seasoning which didn't overpower the chicken but rather complemented it. On top of it all, their portions are generous—they certainly don't skip out on making sure you get a big hearty piece of chicken. There's no area to sit down and eat, so you'll have to take this chicken to go but comfort food like this is always best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home anyways.

What is your favourite fried chicken in Brampton?


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