Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: December 30-January 5


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of December 30-January 5, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) Poutine Dare to Be Fresh

Wow! This is a place that specializes in poutine and they did something special. There’s enough varieties of poutine at Poutine Dare to Be Fresh to make your head spin. Every single type of poutine is always layered with cheese curds and fresh gravy, but it’s the toppings that will knock your socks off. The Bacon Double Cheeseburger Poutine was said to be the most popular topping and it is to die for. The ground hamburger and bacon bits are any meat lovers dream come true. Plus it comes with extra cheddar cheese sauce on top of it. This combination may sound extremely unhealthy—poutines generally are—but the food didn't make me feel sluggish or overly full. This poutine was made with love. The staff was super friendly and especially helpful with making the tough decision of what to order. But realistically I doubt that you can go wrong at this establishment. Though the product, contemporary and comfortable eating space and customer service were amazing, the prices are on the higher side. They say you get what you pay for and this was certainly the case. P.S. they offer loyalty cards, so you can get your seventh poutine for free.

4) Vesuvio's Ristorante

Vesuvio's has been around for the past 54 years! This well-known spot has been a classic in Brampton since 1963. Residents will definitely want to check out how it's changed since their location in downtown Brampton flooded in March 2016. Their most popular dishes are their manicotti, their gnocchi, and their wood-burning pizzas which start at about $16. They boast delectable pastas, gourmet pizzas, and delicious desserts. According to owner Maurizio Dacunto, "Everything is homemade, just like grandma makes.” Don’t forget about Maurizio’s Paninis opening up soon next to this Brampton gem.

4) Brars Grand Buffet

Here’s another pleasant and wide variety of flavourful food for the vegetarian in you (no meat here). Brars is unique because it also has a bakery. So as soon as you step inside the restaurant there is nothing but food. The sweets look amazing and it kind of makes you want to skip the main course altogether. But don’t do that. Brars has a wonderful variety of Indian food that’s healthy and that’s also comforting. You can’t turn away when you see a grand, circular hot plate with curried chickpeas surrounded by samosas. And there is everything you could want when you’re craving Indian food, whether you grew up on it or are new to it. If you have room for dessert the sweets are also almost exclusively cultural except for the ice cream. This is a great place to experiment eating Indian food. However, don’t be afraid to ask what is available because the food descriptions on the glass are a little difficult to read.

2) Stacy Lee's Family Restaurant

This restaurant is legendary in Brampton and its popularity is apparent the moment you walk through the door. Dramatically understated on the outside and somewhat spartan on the in, Stacy Lee's thrives by serving up hearty breakfast fare and shredded hash browns (although you have to ask for them specifically). Located on McLaughlin Road near Queen, this place is perfect for straight up bacon and eggs, pancakes, waffles, French toast, Benedicts and a cool concoction comprised of a moist croissant, egg and cheese. The service is attentive, the atmosphere is relaxed and the food is great. You'll leave full and happy—just remember to try those amazing shredded hash browns. You'll never want to eat regular home fries again.

1) Chi Pie Pizza

Chi Pie Pizza opened in November 2017 in a plaza near Mayfield and Hurontario. For reference, it's in the same plaza as one of our finest Italian restaurants, Antica Osteria. First and foremost, Chi Pie Pizza is a deep dish pizza joint. There are a few different kinds of deep dish deliciousness you can get, including the Chicago Classic with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, Al's Alibi with caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, and basil, and even Mobster Meatball with beef meatballs, mushrooms, and ricotta. Prices range from $15.95 to $24.95 depending on the kind and size of pizza you get (medium or large). Alongside classic deep dish pizzas, Chi Pie Pizza also serves regular crust pizza that you can choose your own toppings for, chicken wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges.

The 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton this week are based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on the week of December 30-January 5, 2017.

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