Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: December 8 to December 14


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of December 8 to December 14, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. The Chicken Shop at Maple Lodge Farms 

This is the kind of fried chicken that satisfies all cheat meal cravings. Located just north of Steeles on Winston Churchill, the Chicken Shop at Maple Lodge farms truly feels like a hidden gem for fried chicken in Brampton. Something I couldn’t overlook was the delicate seasoning which didn’t overpower the chicken but rather complemented it. On top of it all, their portions are generous--they certainly don’t skip out on making sure you get a big hearty piece of chicken. There’s no area to sit down and eat, so you’ll have to take this chicken to go but comfort food like this is always best enjoyed in the comfort of your own home anyways.

4. Little London Cafe 

It looks like a little slice of London has officially opened its doors in Brampton! You know what they say - where one door closes, another opens. Now, Little London Cafe has opened in place of Sweet Breeze Cafe in Brampton. The new spot is located on Polonia Avenue, in a plaza near Chinguacousy and Steeles. Little London Cafe boasts homemade everything, including parfaits, soups, salads, paninis, and even specialty coffees. You can expect several English-themed treats here. That includes English sausage rolls, beef pies, strawberry and cream scones, and more. Here, you’ll also find such treats as croissants, omelettes, and avocado toast. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner options are all available. The unique little cafe also has a small outdoor patio with a few tables and chairs, so you can enjoy your brew and your food outdoors.

3. Toshi Japanese Restaurant 

This spot, while not AYCE, provides amazing sushi at a reasonable price. The food is fantastic, I place it up there with any sushi joint in Peel Region. Tracing its roots to humble beginnings in the infamous Shopper's World, this spot sits up top in the same plaza as the crowned king (Queen) of Shawarma at Hurontario and Bovaird. Do yourself a favor and try this place out. Quality over quantity sometimes!

2. Paranthe Wali Gali 

A unique Indian restaurant boasting traditional flavours and a specialty opened recently in Brampton, and readers are a-buzz. It's called Paranthe Wali Gali - which means "the lane of parantha-makers" - and it's located at Clarence and Kennedy, with another location near Queen and Airport. A parantha is an Indian flatbread that's popular in different styles in South Asian countries. The flatbread is typically flaky and can be stuffed with different ingredients. Paranthe Wali Gali serves a whopping almost 60 different kinds of paranthe (plural of parantha), including butter chicken, beet root, and chicken biryani. Some of the paranthe are inspired by different South Asian regions, like Chennai (parantha with potatoes and southern-flavoured herbs) and Kashmir (parantha with kidney beans and Indian herbs).

1. Food Fight Barbeque Bar 

Now we get into the higher levels of smoked meat. You can smoke any type of meat, and when you do, something beautiful usually happens. The team at Food Fight Barbeque Bar understand this concept beautifully! Smoked chicken, smoked turkey, and the classics like pulled pork and beef brisket, help make this restaurant a smoked meat lover's delight! While their meat could probably hold its own in terms of taste, they add some extras to keep the flavour buds entertained. If you're an adventurous soul like me, or you just aren't sure which one to get, try their sliders to get a good taste of their options. The beef brisket here is succulent and tasty, I highly recommend it!

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