Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: February 2 to February 8


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of February 2 to February 8, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) NINE18 

A golf club patio, NINE18 is the restaurant at Turnberry Golf Club, located at Bovaird and Southlake across the street from Lowe's. NINE18's patio boasts an incredible view of their golf course and the houses and skyline beyond. Moreover, their patio is huge, and we might even go so far as to say it's the largest in Brampton. There is plenty of space for large or small groups, and you can get cozy in their sheltered area or be in the open area to absorb as much Vitamin D as possible. There's usually a good buzz of conversation happening, which makes this patio good for brunch, a casual drink, or evening appetizers, with scenic green space to boot. You will be surprised that a space like this exists in Brampton, and fair warning, their patio may become your new favourite hangout spot!

4) Good Egg Dining 

In a plaza on Queen and Chrysler, Good Egg is an all-day breakfast spot with diner-style menu options, and they're open from 6 a.m.-8 p.m. from Sunday-Wednesday and 6 a.m.-9 p.m. from Thursday-Saturday. If you're looking for a standard all day breakfast spot where you can hunker down with some eggs, toast, and homefries, try Good Egg. Their breakfast is straight to the point - bacon, sausage, chicken, steak, pancakes, french toast, and omelettes are on the menu, and it's pretty cheap. I snagged this egg-toast-turkey bacon-home fries deal for a sweet $6.

3) Hakka No. 1 

When researching this place, I was very intrigued by its menu, so I thought I’d give it a try. I was very pleasantly surprised. Although online reviews for this resto are inconsistent, I can without a doubt say that both the items I ordered were phenomenal. The Thai shrimp red curry was creamy, wonderfully spiced and filled with giant prawns; I would definitely consider reordering this dish when I visit again. Even better was the Thai chili shrimp: deep fried, doused in a dry chili rub with just a bit of sauce to glaze. Of all the restaurants I visited, this dish was my favourite, definitely something I will recommend for any sucker for spice. In fact, if you’re in the Steels and Bramalea area, I recommend you give the dish a try.

2. Nova Grill and Bakery 

Sweets, hot meals, alcohol, lots of space, TVs, Nova Grill and Bakery has it all. You’ve probably seen Nova Grill and Bakery locations around the GTA, but this is one of the few that offers cooked meals. The quarter chicken meal is tied for the cheapest meal on the list, advertised at $6.99 in store. A huge perk is the variety of sides to choose from. Stick with your roasted potatoes and rice, or grab some steamed vegetables, rapini, small baked potatoes (with the skin) instead. And believe me, the list does go on. The chicken is done well and doesn’t venture far from traditional Portuguese tradition with juicy meat and a crispyish skin with mild or hot piri piri sauce on the side or slathered on. Come to the restaurant/bakery for a get together with family or friends and I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed. Even if you don’t get the chicken.

1) AJ’s Restaurant: 

So this is the best Florentine Eggs Benedict I’ve had in my life. Period. Just writing about it brings on a craving. Complementing certain tastes and flavours is an art form; it’s very rarely something that is left to chance. The blend of hollandaise sauce, egg whites, yolk, spinach, mushroom, and English Muffin all complement each other to such a perfect degree that it tastes like one solid flavour within the same profile. Confusing? Think of a colour spectrum where you can see blue change to green as you move your eyes through the spectrum. Now think of this dish as being able to let you taste the entire spectrum all in one bite without skipping a single transition - powerful stuff! As if this wasn’t enough, they went ahead and seasoned their potatoes beautifully to add a little spice to your meal. Crunchy, savoury, and a little bit salty. Brampton, this is one of your best Eggs Benedict by far!

Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: February 2 to February 8

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