Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: January 20-26


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of January 20-26, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) Wendel Clark’s Classic Grill & Bar

To say this was one of the city’s most highly-anticipated new openings is a huge understatement. The brand new opening was definitely good news for fans of comforting western staple foods and the hockey legend himself—especially considering the fact that Clark was on hand to welcome new patrons. The casual dining restaurant—which boasts locations in Vaughan, Burlington and Hamilton—just opened up shop on Main Street North, just steps away from the Rose Theatre. Some popular menu items include baby back ribs, chicken quesadillas, six different types of burgers (including the Wendel burger with bacon, onion rings and cheddar cheese), Montreal smoked meat sandwiches and more.

4) Crown and Lion English Pub

The Crown and Lion feels like one of those places you can see yourself coming back to any night of the week. The Crown and Lion has been a favorite for many Bramptonians because of the friendly and inviting atmosphere. Nearing Brampton's border at Financial and Steeles, this pub doesn't fall in line with the usual dark toned aesthetic that most pubs seem to have. With the Crown and Lion, right when you walk in you'll quickly notice how well-lit the entire joint is and the bright colour scheme will also grab your attention. They have a lot of great theme nights, including Monday nights for wings and Wednesday nights for pub trivia. My personal favourite and main recommendation is their wings, but if you're looking to grab something to share with friends, I also suggest trying their spinach and artichoke dip or the wings. Either way, you'll leave knowing you had great food in a great place. This place is featured in our cover photo.

3) Brars Grand Buffet

Here’s another pleasant and wide variety of flavourful food for the vegetarian in you (no meat here). Brars is unique because it also has a bakery. So as soon as you step inside the restaurant there is nothing but food. The sweets look amazing and it kind of makes you want to skip the main course altogether. But don’t do that. Brars has a wonderful variety of Indian food that’s healthy and that’s also comforting. You can’t turn away when you see a grand, circular hot plate with curried chickpeas surrounded by samosas. And there is everything you could want when you’re craving Indian food, whether you grew up on it or are new to it. If you have room for dessert the sweets are also almost exclusively cultural except for the ice cream. 

2) Oscar’s Roadhouse

If you’re in the mood for ribs, this country roadhouse fits the bill. The pork ribs here were awesome. The meat fell off the bone and the plate is piled high with four different side dishes, which included garden veggies, different variations of potatoes, baked beans and jalapeno corn bread! Be warned: the only way to eat them is with a knife and fork because the meat falls off that easily. The pork ribs on their own were juicy, tender and mighty tasty and were complimented by Oscar's sweet and tangy housemade BBQsauce. Their chicken and waffle sandwich is also a highlight - have you ever had a jalapeno waffle? You may never go back!

1) Chi Pie Pizza

Chi Pie Pizza opened in November 2017 in a plaza near Mayfield and Hurontario. For reference, it’s in the same plaza as one of our finest Italian restaurants, Antica Osteria. First and foremost, Chi Pie Pizza is a deep dish pizza joint. There are a few different kinds of deep dish deliciousness you can get, including the Chicago Classic with Italian sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, Al’s Alibi with caramelized onions, mushrooms, spinach, ricotta, and basil, and even Mobster Meatball with beef meatballs, mushrooms, and ricotta. Prices range from $15.95 to $24.95 depending on the kind and size of pizza you get (medium or large). Alongside classic deep dish pizzas, Chi Pie Pizza also serves regular crust pizza that you can choose your own toppings for, chicken wings, garlic bread, and potato wedges.

The 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton this week are based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on the week of January 20-26, 2018.

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