Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: June 23 - 29


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of June 23 to 29, based on the number of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5. Brar’s Sweets and Restaurant 

If you’re ready for a vegetarian feast, Brar’s is the place to go. Offering both buffet and sit-down style dining, Brar’s has a vast variety of Indian dishes and it’s all completely vegetarian. Most of the dishes include paneer cheese as their star ingredient, but they also make great use of vegetables and potatoes as the dominant force in their cooking. Beyond solely Indian food, Brar’s puts forth some great Hakka style food as well. They make a mean vegetarian Manchurian and paired up with their noodles you’ll be more than impressed. Found at Dixie and Advance, this vegetarian spot will leave you positive thinking that vegetarians do it right. 

4. Churrasqueira Nova Esperanca 

At Williams and Main, this Portuguese family-owned churrasqueira has some incredible BBQ chicken. Though lineups often extend in the small space from counter to door during their dinner rush, you’ll still manage to get in and out in about 10 minutes. Get there just before the rush for an even quicker experience. Pick your faves from their takeout counter - all of the fresh food is displayed in front of you. Go here if you want your BBQchicken done right if you’re a peri peri sauce connoisseur, and most of all, if you want a fresh, flavourful bite and you’re on a time crunch. 

3. Gusto Pizzaria 

Gusto sits at the corner of Main and Church in downtown Brampton, and they'll show you how to make a calzone. No, really, they roll and toss the dough where you can see it, so you can watch your beautiful calzone begin to come to life. Their dough is homemade, they have a decent cheese-to-sauce ratio, and they boast fresh sauce and fresh veggies. Gusto also has a wide variety of meat toppings like regular or beef salami, mild or hot Italian sausage, prosciutto, and ground beef, which is great for meat lovers. It's about a 20-minute wait for one of their 'zones which cost $7.90 each plus 75 cents per topping. Gusto's calzones are best eaten right out of the oven while they're hot and the cheese is still gooey. 

2. Bombay Palace 

This place is an underdog compared to its competitors but the food tastes so whole and homemade. Each table gets its own basket of naan. Whatever you do GET THE GARLIC NAAN. It is the best naan out of all the restaurants on this list and if you have some leftover you can take it home. This naan is the new Red Lobster biscuit. Bombay Palace is a small buffet that tucked away inside of a banquet hall but they have all the go-to’s for Indian comfort food like butter chicken, curry lamb, chicken tikka, masala everything and lots of veggies and lentils. Dessert is also small but has some sweets that I’ve never heard of. Gulab jamun, deep fried milk dumpling in rosewater syrup, and kheer, rice pudding that’s cooked with nuts and dried fruit and cooled, were just as delicious and comforting as the rest of the buffet. And the staff were the cherry on top. They made an enjoyable experience even more enjoyable. 

1. That Italian Place

If you want a great artisan sandwich (especially a loaded veal one with all the fixings), this is the place to go. Hidden in an industrial-ish area just around the corner from Williams Parkway and Torbram, That Italian Place is a very busy spot with an authentic Italian feel. A word of caution when you visit: order early or have time to spare. This absolute gem of a restaurant appeared on The Food Network's You Gotta Eat Here in 2013 and for good reason - every item on the menu looks and tastes authentically delicious. If you're in the mood for a hearty veal sandwich with all the toppings, you truly shouldn't look anywhere else. The veal is tender, the mushrooms are filling and flavourful and the hot peppers add a certain wow factor that makes the sandwich complete. Another awesome item on their menu is the authentic woodfired pizza! If you're looking to grab lunch, this is the ideal spot.

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