Top 5 Hottest Restaurants in Brampton: September 23-29


Here are the 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton for the week of September 23-29, based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on

5) Sonny's Drive-In

Sonny's is a relic and an absolute dive located on good old Kennedy Road. This fast-food joint specializes in burgers, with menu items such as cheeseburgers, double bacon cheeseburgers, steak on a kaiser, fish and chips, chicken fingers, fries and more. Sonny's is straight-up, traditional fast food as it should be, charming Brampton with its nostalgic vibe and feel-good food. They're open late (craving a burger at 3 or 4 a.m., anyone?), their food hits the spot, and they're just an old-school classic landmark in Brampton. Grab a milkshake and a spot on their picnic benches - if you say you're from Brampton, a late night meal at Sonny's is a must.

4) Jake's Boathouse

This legendary ocean-themed bar has been a mainstay in Brampton's nightlife scene since 1979. Even under new ownership, a lavish serving of bronzed tilapia fillets stole the show. Two pieces of fish were doused with tomato salsa, crunchy slaw, cilantro/lime aioli, and super-thick fries - albeit frozen - were the perfect accompaniment, only outdone by service at the bar. 

3) Crown and Lion English Pub

The Crown and Lion feels like one of those places you can see yourself coming back to any night of the week. The Crown and Lion has been a favorite for many Bramptonians because of the friendly and inviting atmosphere. Nearing Brampton's border at Financial and Steeles, this pub doesn't fall in line with the usual dark toned aesthetic that most pubs seem to have. With the Crown and Lion, right when you walk in you'll quickly notice how well-lit the entire joint is and the bright colour scheme will also grab your attention. They have a lot of great theme nights, including Monday nights for wings and Wednesday nights for pub trivia. 

2) JB's Street Meat

When you think of street meat, you might think about going to town on a foot-long hot dog before a Jay's game or after a long night of clubbing. You might even think of satisfying a hearty craving after a hectic hour at a local Costco or Canadian Tire. Even if you have fond memories of curbside sausages, you probably never associated the scrumptious meal with freshness and variety. While owner Jonathan Boone and his team like to change up the menu based on the day's shopping, they do offer some staples that diners can expect to see on the menu daily, offering a core menu with pulled pork and pulled chicken, mac and cheese, ribs and more. 

1) Wally’s on Steeles

On Steeles and Dixie, you might've driven past Wally's a few times but not given it much of a second look. It might look like a truck stop from the outside, but Wally's has a cozy interior, a great, varied menu with options for the kids, all day breakfast, and some of the best burgers in the city. Their kids menu includes chicken strips, pasta in alfredo sauce, and grilled cheese, plus souvlaki, deli sandwiches, and pasta and steak entrees for the adults.

The 5 hottest restaurants in Brampton this week are based on the amount of organic page views and searches these restaurants received on the week of September 23-29, 2017.


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