Top 5 Perogies in Brampton


Perogies, pierogis, or pirogi - regardless of how you spell it, perogies are satisfying Polish dumplings that can be savoury or sweet. Perogies are often filled with potatoes, meat, or cheese, or a combination of two or three in the savoury variety, and often with blueberries in the sweet variety.

There are quite a few places in Brampton that serve these little boiled or fried bits of heaven, and we've gathered the best of the best for your perogy enjoyment. 

Here are the top five places to get perogies in Brampton, all made in-house.

5) Mr. Peppers Pizza

Mr. Peppers Pizza, also known as Downtown Pizza and Sub, is located in a small plaza on Queen and Mill in downtown Brampton. This small pizza joint serves cheddar or cheddar and jalapeno perogies. I chose the jalapeno version, and the filling was smooth with a nice kick of spice, the dumpling was doughy, and there were a few onions garnished on top. Grabbing some perogies from Mr. Peppers is a great option for a snack on the go, but you might want to order ahead, as they take almost 20 minutes to be made. Seven perogies were a reasonable $6.77 with tax.

4) Maguire's Pub

Maguire's at Queen and Hansen is attached to an industrial-looking building, and if you've never been, I would recommend it. They have a cozy patio and an interior that just screams PUB! Perogies are a staple on their pub grub menu, best served with a cold brew and a game. Maguire's perogies are stuffed with potatoes and loaded with cheese, onions, and bacon on top, served with a healthy side of sour cream. Their perogies were filling and cooked well, with a slight crunch. Maguire's perogies come to $10.16 with tax, a good price for a sit-down perogy-fest.

3) The Frigate: A Firkin Pub

The Frigate near Queen and Rutherford knows how to load their perogies. Each of their delicious perogies are stuffed with potatoes and cheddar, topped with an abundance of bacon, and garnished with green onions. Perogies are one of their few appetizers, and they serve as a decent meal or a share platter for two. The texture on these perogies was just right - you bite into a tender yet soft dough and get a burst of potatoes and flavour following that. The bacon seemed crispy and flavourful, too, and there was a good ratio of bacon to perogy. And, the service was great to boot. Their perogies were a solid $10.17 after tax, and well worth the price in terms of quantity and quality!

2) Queen Gypsy

Queen Gypsy has been in downtown Brampton for over four years, located centrally at Main and Queen, though you might not notice that it's a restaurant since it's hardly noticeable. The atmosphere is unique and eccentric, and they boast savoury and sweet perogies on their menu. Their savoury option comes as a meal with homemade cornbread, beet salad, and coleslaw, smothered in a creamy three-cheese sauce, and their sweet option is three dessert blueberry perogies garnished with a light cream, more berries, and icing sugar - you can literally have perogies for dinner and dessert. Both of these options are delicious, but this time around I opted for the unique dessert perogies, which were so delicious I was drooling for more. With the quality of perogies, $8 before tax made sense as a price point, but I definitely could have used one more perogy on my plate!

1) EuroMax

EuroMax is a Polish grocery store with two locations in Brampton - one at Main and Bovaird, and one at Polonia and Steeles - so it's no surprise that they make some seriously delicious perogies at the best price on this list. It's $4.98 with tax for a dozen perogies, so you can eat perogies until you're ready to burst. EuroMax has perogies filled with potatoes and cheddar, potatoes and cottage cheese, and potatoes and meat, likely pork, and they're doughy, flavourful, and simple, which I really appreciated. Perogies to-go from EuroMax are convenient, affordable, and of quality. You can even grab some Polish pastries for dessert.

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