Top 5 Places to Buy Cheese in Brampton


If you’re looking to wow some guests, have a cozy night in with some wine, or you just need something to snack on, cheese is almost always a good idea. 

Cheese is versatile, satisfying, and straight up delicious, and there are several places where you can buy the perfect mild mozzarella, a spicy Havarti, or a soft ricotta in Brampton. 

For the perfect charcuterie board or just a late night snack, check out these awesome delis and markets in Brampton.

5) Al Marwa

Located inside of the Ample Food Mart near Bovaird and McLaughlin, Al Marwa is relatively new. This place boasts a wide variety and a large quantity of cheese, varying in softness, sharpness, and age. Their service isn’t the best, but we’ll excuse it - this is a great place to put together a comprehensive charcuterie board, since they focus on their meats, and you can get a good haul of meat and cheese pairings. You’ll just need to make one more stop for some wine.

4) Euromax

This classic Polish grocery store boasts a lot of Polish cheese. With two locations in Brampton (one at Main and Bovaird, and one at Polonia and Steeles), their staff is very helpful with explaining the different kinds of cheese, featuring classics like good ol’ gouda and havarti, and more traditional Polish kinds of cheese like salami cheese. If you’re looking for a unique variety of cheese offerings at reasonable prices, Euromax is the place to go.

3) The Apple Factory

The Apple Factory at Mississauga Road and Bovaird Drive West might not have the largest variety of cheese, but they have a selection of classics. They sell white and regular cheddar cheese curds among others, a mild mozzarella, old, extra old, and extra extra old cheese, as well as some flavoured ones like dill, caramelized onion, and habanero. If you’re looking to buy cheese and other fresh, snackable goodies, The Apple Factory is your spot.

2) Prince of Wales Country Market

At Embleton and Heritage Road, Prince of Wales is a market you won’t want to miss. They have a good, quality selection of imported cheese that keep customers coming back for their favourites - or to try something new. You’ll be hooked on their smoked applewood cheese, or you can go with a flavour like havarti jalapeno or caramelized onion. You’re bound to find the perfect cheese for your charcuterie board here.

1) The Country Apple Store

Alongside honey, jams and preserves, frozen fruit, cider, and baked goods, The Country Apple Store on Heritage Road sells a variety of quality cheese. What’s special about the cheese at this longstanding market (they’ve been around since the 1930s!) is that it’s all produced in Ontario. They boast cheese ranging anywhere from five years in age to old, extra old, and extra extra old. They’ve got classics like monterey jack and mozzarella, as well as all kinds of cheese curds, and if you want something a little different, try their havarti with hot peppers. Also, their service is great, so if you’re not that familiar with cheese, the staff is more than willing to help.

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