Top 5 Places to Get a Snack in Brampton


To get this out of the way - yes, you, too, look like a snack.

So you’re hungry but you don’t have the room to scarf down a plate of pasta, nor will just a few almonds or a granola bar do the trick. That special kind of hunger is for a snack!

A snack is typically a small portion of food that can be eaten quickly, and often on the go. Not quite as substantial as a burger, but also not as small as a grape.

Lucky for you, there are a ton of places in Brampton where you can satisfy your snack cravings.

Whether you’re searching for the perfect Jamaican patty or an epic salted pretzel, here are the Top 5 places to get a snack in Brampton.

5) Fresh XPress

Celebrity chef Jason Rosso’s newest creation, Fresh Xpress near Main and Queen (still waiting on Juice and Rocco's pizzeria!), definitely lives up to its name - it’s fresh and it’s quick. While this place boasts epic signature salads and you can customize them - which are a great snack option since it's healthy, fast, and created in a to-go container - Fresh XPress is also a fun to-go spot because of their less healthy snack foods menu. Pizza cones are hand held, small, and easy to eat, a few bites of mac'n'cheese is a classic, and you can't go wrong with fresh veggie Thai spring rolls! If you want a variety of snacks, this place is for you. Be warned, the prices are a little steep, but the quality is great.

4) Warraich Meats

Wait, what...Warraich Meats sells snacks? Answer: yes indeed they do! This meat shop has a few locations in Brampton -- on Cottrelle and on Charolais -- and it might be your go-to for any and all kinds of meat, but did you know they also sell samosas and pakoras? Well, now you do (you not knowing is why they're on this list), and this information is about to rock your world. Warraich Meats has the best chicken samosas I have ever tried! On the pricey end at one samosa for $1, these samosas are worth your while. The two- or three-bite triangles are crunchy on the outside and packed with ground chicken and spices on the inside, and you must get some ASAP. Absolutely delicious. I could eat, like, 10. Or probably more. On a full stomach. And their fish pakoras are an awesome choice for something you might feel guilty about eating but will satisfy all of your snack cravings.

3) Trish Juice

Ah, Trish Juice - the healthiest juice bar in Brampton, one of the best places to go if you want a health snack or meal, and, admittedly, one of my favourite places in Brampton. Located on Queen St. in downtown Brampton, Trish Juice serves fresh juice, milkshakes, bubble tea, smoothies, wraps, and much, much more. From the tables to the smoothies, everything here is clean and fresh. As for snacks, toast is an amazing option here. The avo toast is loaded with cucumbers, tomatoes, sprouts, and hot sauce, and it's great for a light meal or a quick snack. It's colourful, filling, and affordable. This place also has hummus toast and Nutella toast, depending on what kind of a snack you’re feeling. And if you're stopping by here for some toast, play it smart and grab one of the best smoothies in Brampton, the coco green.

2) Tinnels

Sure, a lot of West Indian places serve Jamaican patties, but wouldn't you like to get them from the source? No, not Jamaica unfortunately, but pretty close. Tinnels near Queen and Kennedy makes fresh and authentic patties, and it's definitely cheap -- $1.50 for a single patty, or $14 for 12 beef patties, or $15 for 12 chicken or veggie patties. Jamaican patties are one of the best snack foods in Brampton, and Tinnels does them right! The options are there, and the bang for your buck is real, as you can get boxes and boxes of patties to-go. There isn't really a seating area, but if you want some cheap Caribbean food, Tinnels is a great to-go option. Their patties are flaky and meaty as they should be, and this place also serves cheap meals like oxtail, curry goat, and of course, jerk chicken!

1) Dasbrezelhaus

Big, soft, flavourful, and melt-in-your-mouth - the pretzels at Brampton’s only pretzel shop are an epic snacking option! Whether you’re looking for a light meal or a snack, the pretzels here will definitely satisfy you and tide you over until your next meal. There are quite a few pretzel options here, including ones coated in sugar or salt, and even a ghost pepper pretzel. You’ll also find some other pastries like macarons, and even dipped pretzels here if you’re looking for an even smaller snack. And they serve some delicious brewed coffee, so be sure to snag one of those as well. Pretzels are one of my favourite snack foods, and Dasbrezelhause makes them perfectly!

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