Top 5 Places to Get Soup in Brampton


It’s getting cold here in Brampton, and while warm fuzzy socks and giant winter coats might warm you up on the outside, there’s no better way to warm up your insides than with a steaming, cozy bowl of soup!

There are quite a few places that serve soup in Brampton. Some have soul as a staple on their menu, some boast a soup of the day based on the chef’s latest concoction, and some make soup seasonably. Regardless, anywhere you can get soup in Brampton will make you want to toss your can of Campbell’s out the window.

Flavourful, steaming, and often hearty, soup is one of the ultimate comfort foods, and making soup right is a major key for any restaurant in Brampton.

Here are the top five places to get soup in the Flower City.

5) Nova Grill & Bakery

This Portuguese bakery in downtown Brampton near Main and Church does a lot of things right - they make great pie, they have lots of bread and meat, and they make a mean soup! Nova Grill changes up their soup of the day daily, and for about $3, you can get a steaming bowl of their daily concoction, best enjoyed with a giant bun from their bakery, and a custard tart for dessert. Below is a vegetable soup from Nova, which was a smooth potato puree with chopped spinach and carrots, plus the right amount of flavours and spices to be considered, as they say, “yummy in my tummy.” Nova is open bright and early at 8 a.m. so you can get soup at almost any time of day, and you can get it for there or to-go. What’s more, the service is friendly and you’ll always feel at home in the resto’s cozy setting.

4) J. Red & Co

Do you remember that episode of the Simpsons where Freddy Quimby makes fun of how the waiter says “chowder” and says that it should be pronounced “chow-dah”? Well, that has nothing to do with J. Red’s delicious take on seafood chowder except for the fact that there’s chowder in the episode. At one of Brampton’s most modern restaurants at Main and Vodden, you’ll find a rich, creamy, seafood-packed (shrimp! Mussels! Clams! Oh my!) chowder soup, that’s very hearty if you’re looking for a filling take on soup. It’s a little pricier at around $10 but let me tell you - the price is worth the quality! With a side of bread, you can eat this soup as a meal. The service is friendly and attentive as well, and if you’ve been looking for an excuse to visit J. Red, if their tantalizing chicken and waffles haven’t convinced you, go for the chow-dah!

3) La Capannina

Tucked away on George Street North in downtown Brampton, La Capannina is one of Brampton’s oldest and coziest restaurants, and there’s a lot of good food things happening there. They have amazing gnocchi, their complimentary bread is soft and melt-in-your-mouth delicious, and they have three kinds of soup on their menu. There’s a classic French onion covered in melted cheese, a soup of the day (which was a vegan cream of mushroom when I went), and a vegan minestrone. I had the vegan minestrone, which was very filling, packed with potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and celery. Topped with fresh ground pepper - you’re in for a treat! The ambiance at this resto is ideal for soup - it’s warm, it’s comforting, and it’s full of homely and friendly staff that will recognize you if you go in often enough. If you’re heading to La Capannina for soup, we highly recommend you stay for dinner..and don’t forget to dip the complimentary bread in whichever soup you choose. 

2) Grainery Bakery & Deli

Here’s the deal - I love bread, and that makes the Grainery near Kennedy and Steeles my own little slice of heaven. Now that that’s out of the way, the Grainery has an abundance of delicious soup offerings, with different, fresh soups daily! In total, the Grainery boasts a whopping 15 different soups, stews, and chilis throughout the week, including beef stew, broccoli and cheese, Italian wedding, tomato bisque, minestrone, chicken noodle, and even chicken gumbo - shall I go on? You can choose your size, small, medium, or large, for well under $5, except for their large stew which rings in at $5.39. All of their options are to-go, and shown below is their delicious chicken gumbo, which you can get on Thursdays. The gumbo has chicken, roce, celery, red pepper, onion, and even jalapeno - this one is for those who have a spice tolerance! As many options as they have and as delicious and cheap as their soup is, however, their chicken gumbo could have used way more chicken in it. The veggies and broth were done so, so right, though, and the staff is always helpful and kind.

1) Little Shop of Ice Cream

The Little Shop of Ice Cream in Garden Square turns into what I like to call “The Little Shop of Soup” during the winter! Fresh, handmade, oh-so flavourful, and at a reasonable price of about $3, soup here will knock your socks off (please put them back on - it’s cold outside). They have a rotating selection of soups, and when I went, there was mushroom and barley, and Italian sausage (FYI, they don’t skimp on the meat) and bean. Pictured below is the Italian sausage and bean (there’s also carrots in it!), which is both hearty and flavourful, and while there’s not much space to eat it inside, there are a few chairs if you can snag one, or you can venture outside and eat your soup in the cold like a pro Canadian. Their soup is winning - it’s a little pocket of warmth that will spread through your body and warm you to the core immediately. In fact, you might want to take a few extra bowls to go. The Little Shop is a classic for both soup and ice cream in Brampton!


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