Top 5 Places to Get Winter Comfort Food in Brampton


When it’s really cold outside, nothing can warm you up better than some hot, gooey, cheesy, and hearty winter comfort food (though a pair of fuzzy socks and a soft blanket will help). Winter comfort food comes in many forms, whether it’s a creamy pot pie, gooey mac’n’cheese, or even some meat, and lucky for us, there are quite a few places you can turn to for some good winter comfort food in Brampton, even in the dead of a Canadian winter.

5) The Pie Guyz

Let's kick this list off with some hot, flaky, savoury pies! The Pie Guyz at North Park and Torbram has such cozy pie options as chicken pot pie, chicken and mushroom pie, peppered steak pie, chicken vindaloo pie, mutton curry pie, spinach and cheese (palak paneer) pie, steak and kidney pie, and beyond! If any of this is already making you feel warm, keep in mind that they boast South African tastes, so you're in for unique flavours with their pie - yum. The warning on their site speaks for itself, "Warning! Our Pies are Addictive." Their flavours are great, and the size of their pies are even better because they're all individual, so you can down a few, perhaps with a steaming mug of tea. The pastry is flaky and soft and their pies are hearty — don’t stop eating ‘til you’re warm!

4) Keltic Rock

Tucked into a plaza at Conestoga and Kennedy, Keltic rock is a bar and pub that offers quite the selection of comfort food. You can get Shepherd’s Pie, bangers and mash, meaty burgers, or even some chips, eggs, and beans, for starters. Then, there are deep fried mac’n’cheese bites and mozzerella sticks, and a few different kinds of poutine (nothing says Canadian like poutine!). But one of the best and coziest options on their menu is soup. Keltic Rock serves a selection of soups made in-house daily that will definitely make you feel toasty. When I went, there was a split pea and broccoli, French onion, and potato and cheddar, any of which you can get with grilled cheese or bread and butter to create and even cozier meal. The potato and cheddar was creamy with chunks of potato and bacon — best served surrounded by friends and a pint at this friendly joint.

3) Carve on Lot 5 

This chic restaurant in downtown Brampton serves some hearty food in great portion sizes, ideal for chowing down and watching the snow fall on Garden Square. Roast beef, roast chicken, and pork tenderloin are their features, served with seasoned veggies, potatoes, and sauces — and almost nothing says winter comfort food like a good sauce. I’ve had a rosemary sauce over roast chicken, and it warmed me right up. Their Yorkshire pudding bowls are also comforting, they have a mushroom penne alfredo that’ll fill you right up, and their Lindt s’more brownie is indulgent and delicious. One of Carve’s highlights for comfort food is their pork belly mac’n’cheese. The pork belly is cooked just right and compliments the cheesy cavatappi noodles.

2) J. Red & Co 

One of the most modern restaurants in town sits at Main and Vodden on the outskirts of downtown B-town. Here, you’ll find such hearty options as the crispy brie chicken with root vegetable hash and a sweet pea mushroom garlic sauce, a parmesean baked chicken pasta, a cream chowder, lobster mac’n’cheese, and..chicken and waffles. Coated in a toasty brown sugar sauce, the chicken and waffles will warm you to the core and back — it’s a very filling, flavourful dish that’s reminiscent of winter if just for the sweet taste of warm sugar. The chicken is crispy, savoury, and piled high on the indulgent waffles. A solid, comforting dish over all. 

1) Crown and Lion 

This English pub is an absolute gem in a plaza at Steeles and Financial. The cheerful, inviting atmosphere and holiday decor will draw you in, and the food, service, and constantly flowing booze will ensure you never want to leave. Crown has an entire section on its menu for “Pub Fare and Comfort Food” so you know you’re coming to the right place for a hearty winter meal here. With three different kinds of fluffy, flaky, stuffed pies (Shepherd’s, steak and kidney, turkey pot pie), bangers and mash, liver and onions (if you roll that way), traditional stuffed Yorkshire pudding bowls, and even a house curry, you really can’t go wrong with winter comfort food here. The turkey pot pie was excellent — creamy on the inside with lots of chicken, celery, carrots, and peas, and topped with thick, fluffy, flaky pastry. I have a hard time believing that this dish could ever get cold.

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