Top 5 Restaurants in Industrial Areas in Brampton


While Brampton has a ton of excellent restaurants that almost everyone knows and loves, it has several gems that go unnoticed by drivers and pedestrians because they’re tucked away in industrial complexes unfamiliar to anyone who doesn’t work in the area.

Thankfully, these restos survive by satisfying workers looking for a great lunch.

But why should those workers have all the fun?

Here are five restaurants hidden in industrial or largely commercial complexes that you shouldn’t ignore.

5) Brar’s

A large chunk of Brampton might have heard of and been to Brar’s, but if you’ve never been or never seen it, that’s because it’s located in an industrial area on Advance away from foot traffic, serving up generous portions of Indian food both a la carte and buffet-style. Boasting modern decor in a well-lit, large space, this casual and comfortable restaurant boasts some good, vegetarian Indian food. It gets quite packed with families here, especially on weekends, and they've got almost every kind of Indian food you can think of! From street snacks like classic samosas, bhel puri, and pakoras, to meals like channa bhatura and biryani, and curries and subjis like aloo gobhi and shahi paneer. Let's not forget about the wide variety of delicious sweets here, from ras malai to gulab jamun. Brar's sits at a reasonable price of about $25 for their buffet on a Saturday or a Sunday night. On weekdays that drops to $15 for lunch. Be sure to get there an hour or two before the buffet closes if that's what you're going for or else you might not get a seat. It’s in an industrial area but it gets packed - Brar’s may surprise you.

4) Wally’s

This greasy spoon and family resto at Steeles and Dixie is a truck stop you do not want to miss. Wally’s has got the hangover breakfast or even the brunch with your family you’re craving in a large portion size from 7 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 8 a.m.-8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. Try the big Wally breakfast if you’re really hungry, it comes with three eggs, homefries (you must try their homefries! Potatoes with both soft and crispy pieces throughout), and toast, plus bacon, ham, and sausage, and your choice of pancakes or french toast. Wally’s also has breakfast sandwiches, they make a mean eggs florentine (their eggs were perfect and hollandaise very creamy), and they even have waffles - yum! We also can’t forget that their service is on point. Wally's is a place where you can actually go, have breakfast, stay for lunch (they've got souvlaki!), and never leave. We must warn you, though, the hangover cure is real here.

3) King Tandoori

Ah, King Tandoori - the little gem on Rutherford you’ve probably never seen before. It looks really small and kind of sketchy on the outside, but when you find it and step inside, prepare to be amazed. If not by the interesting decor (the ceilings have a cave-type facade), by the fact that the restaurant that looked so tiny on the outside is larger than it looks. Honestly, King Tandoori serves some seriously epic Indian food, and you shouldn’t have to miss out on it just because you don’t work in that industrial area. This place is the best for their meat - chicken tikka, lamb everything, and goat and shrimp curries. If you’re looking for something really special, try the chicken biryani, it’s spectacular - the spices are perfect and you’ll get large chunks of chicken, all on a giant platter. What’s also great about this place is that everything - the breads in particular - are made from scratch. So if you want to see how your naan is made, just look over the food counter! Another interesting fact - you can get some Chinese fusion dishes here like hakka noodles. There is another King Tandoori location on Kennedy, but this is the more industrial one. 

2) Hakka No. 1

This Melanie Drive spot is an epic choice for all of the industrial workers in the area, and once you know about it, it might become your go-to spot for lunch specials and hakka food. From noodles to rice to meat and beyond, you’ll find a huge variety of food on the menu, including all kinds of chicken (manchurian chicken is pictured below!), noodles (Shanghai, Singapore, and ho-fun included!), beef, fish, veggies, and delicious sauces you can think of. The serving sizes are huge and the restaurant is surprisingly cozy, with ample seating space. Whether you’re snagging some take-out, you’re there for a $7.25 lunch special (which comes with water and a mouthwatering spring roll), or you’re there with a few people prepared to order everything on the menu, you won’t regret your decision to go here. Hakka No. 1 even has bubble tea - yum!

1) Lynn’s Buccoo Reef 

Okay, we need to talk about Lynn’s! First of all, drop everything you’re doing and decide when you’re going to make your way over to this Orenda Road spot serving up authentic Trini cuisine that tastes like your mom made it. Except she didn’t make it - Lynn did, and Lynn happens to be one of the friendliest restaurant owners you’ll meet in Brampton, cooking all of the food from scratch, and she’s almost always at the restaurant. The food here is ridiculously fresh and flavourful. Here, you’ll find classic dishes like surf and turf, curry boneless chicken, roti, chow mein, and even jerk chicken. Let me tell you - the jerk chicken falls off the bone, and you can tell that it has soaked up a lot of flavour and a kick of spice. The coleslaw is the best I’ve ever had. It’s sweet, juicy, and cool. And the rice and beans really complete the dish. To top it off, everything is portioned well, and you might have some leftover for your next meal or snack. And the curry chicken? You could practically drink the sauce it comes steeped in. Enough of me telling you all of this, though, make the trek and find Lynn’s in the industrial area at Orenda Road and West Drive.

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