Top 5 Ways to Destress in Brampton


The grind can be tough - with work, school, social lives, trying to eat healthy, drink enough water, and balance the million and two things we have to do in a day, the life of a Bramptonian can get stressful.

As much as we would all love to tan on a beach with a cocktail in hand overseas somewhere to take a break from our busy lives, we don't always have that kind of time or money. Lucky for us, there are ways to partake in some self-care and destress in Brampton. 

Here are the top five ways to destress in Brampton: 

5. Spend a day at Eldorado Park

Tucked into Creditview Road, Eldorado Park is surrounded by natural forest on the banks of the Credit River. Eldorado is great if you plan to spend an entire day or evening there, since you can compliment your day by the Credit River with a swim at Brampton’s only outdoor pool and a picnic with family or friends. There’s a lot of space to relax and explore, to the point where you could get lost in the beauty of it all. Eldorado is a treasure in Brampton, dating back to the early 1900s, and ideal for someone who wants to relax and enjoy the outdoors to destress. Tan, picnic, and swim your worries away.

4. Do a Paint Nite

Paint Nites take place across Brampton at bars and restaurants like Jake's Boathouse, the Crown and Lion, and Shoeless Joe's. You can pick what you'd like to paint online, and don't worry about your skills an artist - there's an instructor guiding you through the process, and everyone's painting will come out different but still look like it's supposed to. Grab a few drinks while you're at it and unleash your inner artist, because sometimes, a little creativity is all that you need to relax!

3. Zipline through Heartlake Conservation Area

Some people need a rush of adrenaline to relieve their stress, and if you didn't already know, you can zipline at Heart Lake Conservation Area, tucked into Heart Lake Road. The Great Blue Heron zipline features twin 1000 foot ziplines that cross right over Heart Lake. If zipping 1000 feet one way wasn't enough, there's more - you'll come back across the lake after completing one zipline. And if that adrenaline still wasn't enough, you can combine the zipline with some treetop trekking at Heart Lake as well.

2. Get a Massage

The more typical route to destressing involves all things TLC - spas, manicures, pedicures, facials, the works! There are a bunch of spas in Brampton that cater to this avenue of relaxation, including Body Revival Spa on Ellen Street which offers massages by Estheticians and Registered Massage Therapists, and Purple Rain Spa on Queen Street where you can indulge in aromatherapy or a hot stone massage.

1. Throw Axes

Imagine your stressors are your targets, and hurl some axes at them to destress at Stryke Target Range in Brampton. Located on Clarence Street, Stryke lets you test your aim and accuracy with a variety of activities including archery, air guns, axe throwing, and knife throwing (the latter two options are available for walk-ins on Friday and Saturday evenings). You can also enjoy some of the other games that the location offers, including pool and giant Jenga. You're bound to work up a sweat, and exercise is a proven way to relax and destress, especially if you've got some pent up worries.

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