5 Worst McDonald's Locations in Brampton


There are at least 20 McDonald’s in all of Brampton. Some are top notch. Others… not so much. It’s easy to know which ones rank supreme. Those restaurants have organized lines for ordering and pick up, quick drive-thrus in the morning when you need breakfast and coffee and they are spick and span.

But I present to you the “others” that should have a caution sign to warn you of what’s to come before you start chowing down on a Big Mac and fries.

Here are the top 5 worst McDonald’s in Brampton.

5) 340 Queen St E

This is probably one of the biggest McD’s in Brampton with tons of seating. This location was renovated about 10 years ago, but the drive-thru entrance and the exit are directly beside each other, which makes no sense and causes a lot of congestion. Always be careful if you’re going through the drive-thru, as it comes directly in the way of the entry. You think they would have thought of this when they did the renos, but they didn’t. 

4) Kingspoint Plaza: 372 Main St N

If cleanliness is a sticking point for you, stay away from this McDonald’s. This location has had issues with runaway garbage, ketchup splatters and, of course, frustrating lineups. While no one expects to be wow’d by a McD’s interior (although some, to be fair, have had some pretty nifty facelifts in recent years), a visibly clean interior goes a long way.

3) 50 Kennedy Road S

If you ask people in Brampton what McD’s they try to avoid, some will tell you this location boasts the longest wait times in the city. Order inaccuracy can also be a problem at this location and few things are more frustrating than driving off and finding out your McChicken missing from the to-go bag. This place also has a history of broken machines and has even run out of food. Just imagine the heartbreak of having a serious McFlurry craving, only to find out that the machine isn’t working and probably won’t work for at least a few more days. Unthinkable!

2) 7690 Hurontario St.

This restaurant has a bad rep for its morning service. “But that’s the craziest time of the day!” you may say, but it’s not impossible to do a good job. A few people have given up on this location because there’s too great a possibility you won’t get your food in a timely fashion—and on top off long waits, it’s quite possible that the order is partially wrong or that breakfast sandwich or McWrap has fallen apart. That doesn’t sit well with many McDonald’s fans.

1) 45 Mountainash Rd.

This McDonald’s takes the cake for the worst restaurant of its kind in the city. It’s had some ups (but mainly downs) according to faithful customers. This restaurant has a history of poor cleanliness and customer service. Sometimes the food isn’t the best quality and sometimes the resto looks like it could use some tidying. Lines are an issue in and out of the restaurant and the new self-ordering system can be a little hard for some to master. Interestingly enough, this location also gets some fairly rough treatment online. One can only hope this establishment turns over a new leaf sooner rather than later.

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