Full disclosure, I was not raised in Brampton. I was born and raised in Montreal and did most of my growing up in that city in the 90s.
It's definitely picnic weather in Brampton, so grab your picnic blankets and stuff a basket (or your car) with goodies and head over to one of these picnic areas in the city!
Looking for a laid back way to spend a summer evening? Grab your blankets and popcorn and pull up to a drive-in movie theatre!
Summer isn’t really here until you’ve packed up the car for a day at the beach (undubitably rockin’ a pair of faded, fringed cutoffs and a beater).
Can you guess which parks are the largest in Brampton?
A trip, decluttering, or are you planning to simply wedge out in front of the TV?Don't waste your long weekend away. If you've got nothing planned yet, we're here to help.
Finding a place to stay outside of Brampton can go a few ways - you could book a hotel room, scope out an Airbnb, or go out of your way to stay somewhere even more interesting!
What better way to celebrate the incredible women that brought us into the world than with a special Mother's Day meal?
We can live in one city our entire lives and grow up never knowing too-too much about it.
Wedding season is in full force until around October, and if you're getting hitched, you're likely looking for some locations to shoot incredible photos to celebrate your big day!