So you’re looking to get far, far away.Or at least a few hours away to escape the city and relax.
Canada’s Wonderland is the country’s largest and oldest theme park. The 330-acre park been around since 1981, boasting a wealth of attractions and fun for people across the GTA and even beyond.
Ontario offers a ton of exciting vacation destinations that are driving distance from Brampton! 
It’s officially that time of year again. When skiers and snowboarders come out of their summer hibernation ready to take on the winter.
While Christmas Day is typically associated with hours of family time, not everyone celebrates December 25 the same way.
In a rather smelly act of civil disobedience, protesters drove up to Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s local riding office and proceeded to dump piles of cow manure right in front of the building.
If any of your friends or family members have had a baby girl in the last nine years, chances are you've met an Olivia.
Brampton may be a big city that is rapidly increasing in population, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have some 'old school' charms that are to be enjoyed.
You’ve caught shows at the Rose Theatre, browsed art and artifacts at PAMA, taken in the consumer culture and bought a booze-filled cupcake at Bramalea City Centre, and strolled through the cherry