With summer finally here there’s no better time to start visiting local farmer and food markets.
Even though the summer vacation is winding, there's still time to enjoy some fun in the sun outside of the city.
A dip in the pool, sampling festival food or laying on the grass and listening to some music at Gage Park.
There’s something special about heading out to a quarry, a lake, a swimming hole, or even a waterfall for a day away from Brampton. 
There are at least 20 McDonald’s in all of Brampton. Some are top notch. Others… not so much. It’s easy to know which ones rank supreme.
There is a lot going on in Brampton.
It's definitely picnic weather in Brampton, so grab your picnic blankets and stuff a basket (or your car) with goodies and head over to one of these picnic areas in the city!
What better way to celebrate the incredible women that brought us into the world than with a special Mother's Day meal?
Brampton already has a crimefighter of sorts in Brampton Batman, whom if you're lucky enough can see out on patrol d
Festival season is almost here and we have some good news - you don’t need to head all the way to California to go to Coachella to get in on the fun.