Fall is just down the street and around the corner - the first day of fall is September 22 this year!
Wedding season is in full force until around October, and if you're getting hitched, you're likely looking for some locations to shoot incredible photos to celebrate your big day!
Patio season is basically the season between spring and snow where we take long lunches to lounge in cozy outdoor seating areas at restaurants, rush out of work on Fridays for drink specials
Can you guess which parks are the largest in Brampton?
Brampton has a vast, exciting and expansive restaurant scene and while most establishments offer fantastic food, a choice few go the extra mile and provide diners with absolutely exquisite surround
It’s a nice day today, pleasant for walking!
With summer just around the corner, there’s no better time to start visiting local farmer and food markets.
If you want to know more about the place we live then there’s no better way to learn.They are open for the summer and located all across the province.
Summer is a great time to go camping, and while there are plenty of scenic areas in Brampton to enjoy the outdoors, an authentic camping experience is not so far out of reach.
It's definitely picnic weather in Brampton, so grab your picnic blankets and stuff a basket (or your car) with goodies and head over to one of these picnic areas in the city!