Are you a fan of odd and unique things? You might not think there's a lot to see near Brampton, but there are many oddities just outside the city.
This time of year is one of the more treacherous times to be on the road, as collisions occur much more frequently.
Air Canada has announced it will be temporarily laying off employees due to COVID-19.
Due to the pandemic, the City of Brampton will be implementing changes to its transit services. 
In a press conference today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new change for travellers which is meant to crackdown on the spread of COVID-19.
As a number of Canadians continue to be stranded abroad during the COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government is ramping up its efforts to bring those Canadians home.
OTTAWA -- Canadians are waking up to a new reality today: the world's longest undefended border is no longer open for routine, casual traffic between Canada and the United States.
In response to the growing COVID-19 pandemic, the federal government has issued a new travel advisory.
Residents planning to take the train in the coming weeks may need to reconsider their travel plans.
Picture this, you wake up in the morning and your memories of the night before are a haze, you aren’t sure where any of your stuff is, and, as you try to piece together how you got home, your only