Two Brampton Moms Plan to Take on Gun Violence in an Interesting Way


Mothers know best! Two Brampton moms are taking action in the fight against gun-related crimes.

Tiffany Richards-Johnson and Chrissy Zammit of Brampton are the founders of No Guns Know Peace Inc. The new no-profit organization launched on Saturday, May 11. Its purpose is to help support the Peel Regional Police’s gun amnesty program running throughout this month.

In the release just before Mother's Day, Zammit said: "As a mom, I can tell you that the best Mother's Day gift is a safe community. We are concerned with the rise in gun violence in Brampton and believe the gun buyback program is a part of the solution."

Since Peel Police's gun amnesty program is non-paid, the organization hopes to provide a new incentive for people to turn in their guns. Those who turn in their guns can mail the police receipt to No Guns Know Peace Inc., and then receive a $100 Visa gift card in return.

This is similar to a proposed gun buy-back program that was proposed by council member Charmaine Williams at a meeting held on March 27. The council voted against the idea and instead agreed to the unpaid program run by Peel Police.

The issue with a non-pad program is some gun owners may not feel the need to turn in a gun if they receive nothing in return. Even though No Guns Know Peace Inc. isn't accepting the guns directly, the hope is the promise of money will encourage more residents to turn in their guns, leading to a safer city.

"We have raised an initial amount of funds and have a target of paying for the first 50 people who hand in their guns," said Richards-Johnson. "If the demand is greater we will attempt to raise even more."

You can find out more about how to claim $100 for a gun you turned in at:

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