Two Maple Leaf Foods workers at two Ontario plants test positive for COVID-19


Maple Leaf Foods announced Tuesday (April 7) that two of their employees at two Ontario plants have tested positive for COVID-19, despite the company's precautionary efforts.

The two workers — one at Maple Leaf's Heritage Plant in Hamilton (on the east mountain) and the other at their plant in Brampton — are currently in self-isolation at home, the company said in a press release.

The pair's positive test results were returned on Monday, Maple Leaf said.

"At the plants, we immediately implemented our COVID-19 response plans, making sure that all health, safety and sanitation measures were implemented, including notifying any coworkers who had close contact with these individuals so that they can self-quarantine for 14 days," the company said.

The press release says that the plants will resume operations Tuesday with even more stringent precautionary protocols in place to protect workers.

"Our ongoing COVID-19 prevention efforts, including additional sanitation in common welfare areas and careful social distancing, coupled with our thorough, daily sanitation procedures will help us ensure that our people are as healthy and safe as possible," the Maple Leaf release said.

"As events continue to unfold, we will follow the advice of leading world health and disease control organizations."

The company says that they are paying their front-line workers bonuses throughout the crisis as they continue working in an effort to offset any other expenses they might incur as a result of the pandemic.

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