Unique Cafe's Brand New Location Now Open in Brampton


As the weather gets colder, nothing beats a hot beverage. Now, a unique cafe has opened a brand new location right here in Brampton - the more tea shops, the merrier!

Tea fans in Brampton might be pumped to hear that Amazing Chai Tea N Spice just opened its doors inside the Shoppers World food court.

The location is quite small, but it is packed with goodies, and the smell of tea will entice you inside.

There’s tea, tea apparel and accessories like tea pots, some snacks, and a tea bar that has yet to start serving tea.

The tea shop, which sells over 100 loose leaf teas starting at just under $5, initially opened on Maritime Boulevard in late April. The shop serves both hot and iced teas, along with pastries, spices and loose leaf teas by weight.

Amazing Chai serves all kinds of tea, from black tea, to oolong, to matcha, and everything inbetween. 

The rapidly expanding tea shop offers such unique tea concoctions as hot Grenada vanilla chai, calming lemon balm, China gunpowder, Brampton masala chai, and creamy butter truffle. You can even order tea online - and it’s free standard shipping for purchases over $50 plus a bonus tea tin.

The shop also offers Toonie Tuesdays—meaning you can grab a hot or cold beverage for $2 once a week.

Best of luck to Amazing Chai in their new space!

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